Polymer CZ P-07

The CZ P-07 is a very well made variation of the classic CZ-75 — but built on a polymer frame. The polymer frame provides several worthwhile advantages: light weight, durability, reduced cost, strength and resistance to impact. With polymer frames, a higher proportion of the pistol’s weight is in the slide. Weight in the slide is a good thing. It provides more momentum in the forward movement of the slide in feeding, chambering and locking a fresh cartridge. So, it’s more reliable.

The most significant advantage, at least to me, is the moderate grip size. It feels so slim and comfortable to hold, it’s hard to believe it’s wrapped around 16 rounds of 9mm (or 12 rounds of .40 S&W).

The P-07, although different in appearance, shares much of the heritage of the classic CZ-75. It has what CZ calls the “Omega” trigger, described as a simplified version of the original CZ-75. It operates as a traditional DA/SA, with the ambidextrous thumb lever acting as a hammer drop. However it can be converted by the owner so the thumb lever acts as a manual safety. The CZ website has an excellent video showing the process, which shows it more clearly than I can describe.

Out of the box, the trigger pull had a couple of “steps” in it, both DA and SA. Initially I wasn’t very impressed, but as it was evening and I couldn’t shoot until next day, I started dry-firing the DA pull. After around 250-300 pulls it had smoothed up remarkably. For trigger fussbudgets (count me in) here are some details: DA pull from at-rest to sear release travel is 5/8″. SA pull had 1/4″ takeup and a further 1/8″ movement to sear release. Forward trigger movement to reset was 5/16″. Weight of pulls were 4½ pounds SA, 10 pounds DA. Two magazines are supplied and they appear to be very well made (and no, they aren’t the same as CZ-75 magazines). Additional magazines are available from CZ.

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