Polytag 90 LED

Sucker for flashlights that I am (and you probably are too), this one really caught my eye. Streamlight took their experience making lights for fire fighters and came up with this handy, small and eminently practical angle-headed light. Living out here “in the dark” country, I’ve quickly learned the lights we go to most often are smaller, reliable, practical lights, offering a way to clip or attach them to yourself or a tractor hood easily. The buttons are easy to find and use, and there’s not a clutter of secret codes you need to learn to turn ’em on and off. A button to push for on/off, a clip, a bright color so you can find it and enough light so it’s useful (but not melt your eyes out bright) and chances are it finds at home here somewhere.

The PolyTac 90 (get it, 90-degree head?) will give you 170 lumens using two CR123 batteries, and run for 3.75 hours. On low (17 lumens) it will run about 30 hours. One push turns it to bright, one push to off. Two quick pushes turns on a strobe. This strobe ain’t for blinding people in a gunfight, it’s so people can find you if you’re lost in the woods, or in a smoke filled room. Three quick pushes and you’re on low. One button, three useful modes — easy. Also, the light body isn’t so small you fumble it. That’s a .44 Magnum round for size.

The pocket clip rotates around the light body so you can pretty much always get the beam where you need it, and the carabiner is just as useful. You can use this with gloves on, and an accessory lineup gives you other attachment options, like an elastic head band. Comes in black, yellow or orange and is about $50 in the real world. For more info:

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