Power Custom ‘Finally’ Gun

In my younger years during the 1970s while pursuing a law enforcement career, I shot competition in the then-popular PPC format. The Practical Pistol Course, in retrospect, may not have been all that practical or tactical but it did give a youngster a chance to get trigger time. I used what I could afford then, that being my duty S&W Model 19 revolver. I competed against good shots who often had the “go-fast gear” of the era. Being a S&W guy I always longed for a Ron Power built Smith. I couldn’t afford a Power-built revolver in those days; not because they were over-priced so much as cops simply didn’t earn much.

At the SHOT Show in 2010, I returned to the FMG booth to find a big fellow waiting for my return. A stout guy in his 70s, the extended hand greeted me with “Hello, I’m Ron Power and I wanted to meet you.” Well, first I looked around to see if there was a “leg-pull” in progress and to sort of gain some wits about me. Yes, Ron Power wanted to meet me.

We talked for some time about the old days and PPC shooting and whom he thought was the best shot he ever saw at the game. We talked of the transition era from the revolver to the now exclusively used autopistol in PPC competitions. After some time he asked if I had never owned a Power Custom PPC gun. Even a pig will find a strawberry once in awhile, because after some discourse he, Ron Power himself, said he would build me, Clint, a Power Custom.

Not being cool enough in itself, Mr. Power offered to build me the last full-blown “Grandmaster Deluxe” PPC revolver he would build. “I’ll have to dig around, but I think I can find the parts to build you the gun —  but it’s the last one of these I plan on building.” I scooped a 686 from friend Dewayne Irwin and that gun was in flight to Gravois Mills, Mo., in like the now-mode. Then, in December 2010, after several “details” calls the revolver got here just before Christmas. Merry Christmas to me.

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