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Be it protection from wild animals, preparing for a bug-out scenario or the impending destruction from the zombie apocalypse, the winner of the Survive Special Edition Gun Giveaway will have his or her survival stores well-stocked with the headliner of this months package — the PTR GI from PTR Industries. A modified version of the HK G3 rifle popularized in the ’90’s, the PTR GI comes in .308 or 7.62 NATO and features a delayed blowback roller-lock system and comes with a 20-round magazine. The OD green, parkerized-only finish and slimline handguard lends this modern incarnation a classic, ruggedized appeal.

Spyderco’s Street Bowie fixed-blade knife, designed by Fred Perrin, one of Europe’s most sought-after close-combat and self-defense instructors, will ensure you stay combat-ready with its 9″ steel blade, textured grooves and functional simplicity. Additionally, the blade is coated with a durable black ceramic finish and features a redesigned sheath with versatile G-Clip attachment for various types of carry.
The M10 Tactical Kit from Olight not only features the M10 Maverick — a 350-lumen, 1.92-ounce LED tactical flashlight — but also includes an offset weapon mount and tactical remote switch to help customize your newly minted PTR GI. It will also help to shed some light on any emergency situation.

If you’re bunkered down without power, in the thick of a storm or trekking in the wilderness, the MEALSPEC meal heater not only reheats provisions, but can also cook raw foods and boil water. The military-grade, flameless appliance reaches 220º Fahrenheit in 12 seconds and runs for up to 12 minutes.

You can’t win if you don’t enter! Get on over to or send in a postcard to make sure your name’s in. —
Sara Cardoza

Total Value: $1,291.90
Entry Deadline: November 11, 2014


Maker: PTR Industries
(843) 358-2222
Caliber: .308, .762 NATO
Capacity: 20
Barrel Length: 18″
Barrel Finish: Parkerized
Value: $1,049


Meal Heater

(844) 632-5773
Quantity: 2
Value: $3.00


M10 Tactical Kit

Maker: Olight
(714) 893-1300
Value: $79.95


Street Bowie

Maker: Spyderco
(800) 828-1925
Value: $159.95

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4 thoughts on “PTR Industries Gun Giveaway

  1. robwheels

    the knife would function so good under my wheelchair for protection and the rifle would be fun!!!

  2. Arthur

    I love what you can do with that gun! I love the 308 and would not mind having one of these! Getting good reviews and old school semi-auto. Classic.

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