RCBS Ammomaster

Okay, you gotta’ admit this is some clever marketing. After all, why not make a chronograph look like a cartridge since you’re, well, chronographing bullets? I was struck by the AmmoMaster from the moment I saw it, not only because of the darn clever design, but because it has some very solid features. Besides, too many people take shooting way too seriously, and the AmmoMaster helps to inject a bit of whimsy into the already fun job of chronographing. Even more importantly though, is it’s completely self-contained, so all the screens and goodies stow in the “cartridge case” while the “bullet” comes off (connected by wires), so you can read the results at your bench. Grab the AmmoMaster and you’ll have everything you need in your hand.

For about $155 at full retail, it’s affordable, lightweight and offers pretty sophisticated features for the money. The velocity range is 50-7,000 fps (so you can chrono paintballs, arrows, pellets and your favorite 4,500 fps screamer) and the memory is capable of storing up to 100 velocities, in 10 strings of 10 shots each. Using the very simply keypad, you can delete shots, display average velocity, high, low, extreme spread and standard deviation. The detachable bullet allows you to have the readout right at your elbow and is much more convenient than squinting at a tiny screen 10 feet away!
I’d call this a hobbyist chrono, but I’ve been using mine in “Roy’s Backyard” now for about six weeks and it’s delivered 100 percent. It runs on one 9-volt battery and it likes a good alkaline, or it really eats up the cheap batteries. If you’ve never used a chronograph be prepared for some fun times. That “hot” load you’ve been shooting probably isn’t and the “mild” ones you get from your bud, might not be! Staffers at Handgunner use chronos all the time, and you should too. For more info: www.americanhandgunner.com/rcbs

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