Remington Calls Out NBC Televison

Remington hit NBC hard following the attack on the gunmaker — and the firearms industry — during the program “Rock Center,” broadcast April 11.

“Regrettably, NBC continues to attack Remington, and now the entire firearms industry, with disappointing and factually inaccurate reporting, and calls for more government regulation. In the coming weeks, Remington will make available information supporting the true historical facts, and showing NBC’s manipulation of clear and readily obtainable evidence,” said George Kollitides, CEO and executive chairman of Freedom Group and Remington.

“Brian Williams again demonstrated NBC’s anti-gun agenda with an upfront call for additional government oversight of firearms. Rather than encouraging the exercise of personal responsibility and safe firearms handling, NBC, trial lawyers and their paid, so-called ‘experts’ have chosen to point the finger of blame at Remington and the firearms industry by misleading and sensationalizing issues involving tragic, but readily avoidable injuries. This reporting only further damages NBC’s already questionable investigative and reporting practices. Remington will soon provide facts and materials that were readily available to NBC, but either ignored or never pursued, on our website,”

In 2010, NBC News’ “Dateline” attacked Remington’s Model 700 trigger system. This time, NBC went after Remington shotguns, Models 870 and 1100. There are more than 20 million of the shotguns in the hands of gun owners.

Before the program aired, Remington launched a counterattack, with a detailed statement and a highly effective website:

“The previous CNBC story was based on rumors, unsubstantiated claims and misstatements, rather than factual evidence of the reliability and performance of the more than five-million Model 700 bolt-action rifles produced over 50 years. The misinformation and sensational allegations were clearly addressed by Remington in a point-by-point rebuttal, to which CNBC never bothered to respond,” Remington’s statement reads.

In the latest report, CNBC senior correspondent Scott Cohn once again conducts the investigation, using his favored “paid experts.”

“These ‘experts’ have been repeatedly hired by plaintiff’s attorneys to testify against Remington, as well as at least 16 other firearms manufacturers, to suit their own personal and economic agendas,” Remington points out.

Remington features its own experts on the website,, while providing very damaging video that clearly discredits the “experts” used by NBC.

“Model 870 and 1100 owners know the truth. These shotguns are used extensively under the most demanding conditions. Tens of billions of rounds have been fired through these firearms, which are valued for their performance and durability by tens of millions of hunters, shooters, law enforcement and military personnel who have relied on these firearms for over 60 years,” Remington’s statement reads.

Even before the segment aired, comments critical of the program appeared on NBC’s “Rock Center” website. They include:

Once again, it appears that NBC is demonstrating its lack of journalistic integrity, its thirst for sensationalism and its overt anti-gun agenda.

Wow — does NBC ever learn its lesson? They were exposed for their shoddy journalism the first time they tried to attack Remington, they were recently caught manufacturing facts and altering a 911 tape, and now this?

Don’t you think that with the millions and millions of these guns out there, there would be more reports of accidents if there was a design flaw?

Your producers have proven they’ll do anything to “juice up” a story — from manipulations and omissions to downright lies.

Well-done to Remington and Freedom Group for facing down these media attacks. Yes, the program aired, but Remington has provided a place for the truth to be presented. Visit

By Russ Thurman, Shooting Industry Magazine, publisher/editor.

8 thoughts on “Remington Calls Out NBC Televison

  1. Rob

    I have two Model 870 shotguns. I’ve never had an issue with either of them. At one time I owned a Model 1100. Never had any issues with that one either.

  2. Kurt Hockenberry

    I would suggest that Remington and other firearms manufacturers get together and form a freedom network tv channel dedicated to our cause….the cause of true freedom. NBC, ABC,CBS, Fox and the rest of the big networks have big agenda money backing them….why not allign together with alot of the other firearm manu’s to get our message out. So people have a choice to listen to our side!!

  3. Cecilio Mendez

    Went to and heard these two “plaintiffs” had to say. I also saw the “film” about Remington rifles safety issues. I believe anti-Constitutuonals are at it again. Making a mountain out of a grain of sand. I do not want to demean the loss of life – for any reason, but to exploit it is lower than low. Strict adherence to “Keep the muzzle pointing in a safe direction an do not point at anything you do not want to destroy.” will do more than anything else.

  4. Scott Cawley

    I firmly believe that Remington should hit NBC and New York right where it hurts. Pull their manufacturing plants out of the unfriendly eastern states and bring them to the most gun-friendly state in the nation – Utah!!! Home of Browning and one of the largest number of gun owners. Remington, please come to Utah!

  5. Larry Fleetwood

    I would suggest if you have a well used 11-48 or 870 that you take a close look at your trigger sear and hammer contact surfaces to be really sure your gun is safe. My 11-48 is well used and the contact surfaces showed considerable wear – enough that the sear could be jiggled with a ballpoint pen and the hammer would release with the safety set!!

    1. Pete Wallace

      If your gun is ‘well used” as you put it then there is every reason to expect the surfaaces to show “considerable wear.” This isn’t a problem with the gun or Remington’s fault as parts won’t last forever. It is your responsibility to be sure that your firearm is kept in good condition which includes checking various wear parts which I see that you have done as you know that they are worn. NBC makes everything out to be the guns fault or the manufacturers fault. It states in every owners manual that I have ever read that the responsibilty of maintaining the proper working condition or any gun is the owners (purchasers) responsibility so I think that your statement while a good warning for other owners that have “well used” shotguns it isn’t the fault, or responsibility of Remington to maintain your firearm for you.

  6. DFGoodwin

    These are the same people that will be crying for protection from gun owners when the crap hits the fan.

    In this day and age it is highly unlikely of a gun accidentally discharging without HUMAN intervention.

    Also, like everything else, parts wear over time and abuse.

  7. Mike Dixon

    I personally stopped watching NBC after I heard this story the first time. I now watch Scott Pelley instead of Brian Williams and occasisionally I will watch Diane Sawyer. The only thing I watch on NBC now is “Castle.” When all gun owners stop watching their ridiculous news casts and it affects their advertising revenue, maybe they will get the message.

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