Remington’s 1911 RI

A Retro Fun Gun!

Passing the 100th anniversary of the 1911, we’ve been seeing all kinds of improvements to the 1911. In the last 40 years, custom gunsmiths have made wonderful advancements to the pistol, making it one of the most proven pistol platforms known to man. And now Remington, a company known not for pistols, but more for making outstanding rifles and shotguns, has thrown their hat into the ring. Their version of John Browning’s gun is not full of the latest bells and whistles, but a handsome looking retro throw back from the first half of the 20th century.

When I took the pistol out of the box, I immediately had a flash back from the Special Forces Weapons Course. The memory was not a good one; the G.I. 1911 was one of the guns we learned to employ, maintain and fix. They rattled, their sharp edges would cut you, they did not function all too well, you couldn’t hit jack squat … also they smelled old. So, I gave the pistol a shake — cliché I know — but the slide and frame were fitted quite well and no rattle greeted me.

After checking the gun for clear, I worked the slide a few times and did not get lacerations on my hands from overly sharp edges. How well this gun functions would come in time, so I looked at the sights. Part of the problem with the old 1911s, as far as accuracy, was the sights on the gun were simply too small, making it difficult to get a clear sight picture. Not the case with the Remington at all. The have fitted the gun with very nice front and rear dovetailed 3-dot sights, allowing a great sight picture. Now you just need to have the proper alignment and a good trigger press to make the magic happen.

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One thought on “Remington’s 1911 RI

  1. Richard

    I made a “goof” and purchased a new Remington 1911 pistol. The goof is due to one thing. I had mistakenly assumed that the Remington pistol would accept other 1911 style magazines. It will NOT! I tried both a Kimber 8 round and a Colt 7 round magazine, and had problems with BOTH!!!

    It did work OK with the two magazines it came with, but not with others. This flaw makes it impossible to just throw in with my 6 Colt and 2 Kimbers I would have to keep the Remington separate.

    This is not a tack driver. It is a close range defense type weapon. As such, I am of the opinion that it should function with ALL standard 45 ACP magazines, which it does not.

    The one other thing is the terrible ceramic type grips. If I keep the pistol, they will be replaced with appropriate grips.


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