Robar ITTS 1911

Robar And ITTS Join Forces For A Hard-Core Defense 10911!

With the explosion of all manner of 1911 iterations, the after-market parts and widget industry for the design has exploded right along with it. But there’s a lesson there. If the basic gun sells, then the “bits and pieces” makers take notice. If you open a Brownells catalog and look at it, you’ll know exactly what’s popular. AR goodies fill dozens of pages, right alongside Ruger 10/22 accessories; while 1911 parts, upgrades and components take up even more room.

But … just because you can get goodies, doesn’t mean you should use them all at once. And guys like Scott Reitz, retired LAPD cop and owner of ITTS (International Tactical Training Seminars) in California, continue to stress to keep fighting guns simple. Scott (along with gentlemen like Clint Smith of Thunder Ranch, the gang at Gunsite and others) see the often “over-done” 1911’s showing up in the hands of their students. Invariably, many of these guns suffer failures during a class. These over-engineered 1911’s tend to be too tight, with too many after-market goodies attached, which usually translates to unreliability on the range — and a disaster in the real world.


The VZ Slim ambi-grips, NP3+ metal finish and custom
handwork are both handsome and functional.


Novak sights, Matte Roguard slide, Commander-style hammer and ambi-safety
are among the mods chosen for this “street-ready” 1911


Our sample was built on a Kimber base gun but according to Robbie, a Colt, Springfield Armory, Ruger, etc. could also be used. Robar gunsmiths cut, tune, fit and test until things are just right, then the completed gun is test-fired for reliability and accuracy, detailed and shipped back to the anxiously waiting customer!

I fired our sample gun informally on my home range, but shot it enough to see everything worked as advertised. I’ve been familiar with Robar’s work for years so the careful attention to fit, finish and accuracy didn’t surprise me. The ITTS 1911 was crisp, ran sure and delivered groups hovering around the 1.5″ mark at 20 yards. It was raining the day I did the shooting, so the 20-yard mark was used since it’s under a tree and the target stays dry.

For fun, I also shot at my 100-yard gong, and once I got the range right, was able to hit it reliability. Does that matter? You bet, because if it shows consistency at 100, it really holds it together when you engage closer.

It ran just fine with a cross-section of factory ammo from Black Hills 230 ball, Nosler, Winchester, ASYM 230 HP, 180 Cor-Bon and some Barnes-bulleted Buffalo Bore loads. I put about 350 total rounds through it with no issues.

A great deal of how a gun “fights” is how it handles. This custom 1911 from Robar handled smoothly, the controls moved with authority, the subtly beveled mag well helped reloads along and the solid, low-mount Novak sights made hits easy. If you’re an old student of the 1911, you’ll feel right at home with this gun, and frankly, knowing the kind of quality put out by the ladies and gentlemen of Robar should give anyone peace of mind, to boot.


The Robar ITTS 1911 would be ready for a cop’s duty holster,
or to serve anyone as a personal, defensive pistol.


Built on a customer-supplied 1911, Robar’s ITTS Signature model is an accurate,
highly reliable fighting pistol, with only the most-needed modifications.

Simple Works — Again

While this list of modifications (or a version like it) might be found on some other custom guns, the key to this solid package is twofold. First, watching thousands of students over the years has shown Scott Reitz what works and what doesn’t in a 1911. Then he was smart enough to reach out to Robar to create his idea of what a fighting 1911 should be. Anytime you combine real-world field experience with top-quality craftsmanship, you generally score well.

And this combo scores.

For about $1,895 (and your 1911) you can own a custom Robar 1911, modified to Scott Reitz’s specifications, and rest assured you would be well prepared should you hear that bump in the night. Ask about having a light rail installed if you like (and you should), and tell them Handgunner sent you.
By Roy Huntington
Photos By Robbie Barrkman

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Custom Features

• ITTS Logo engraved on the slide
• ITTS Edition Serial Number engraved on the slide (gun is customer-supplied)
• Scott Reitz Signature engraved on the slide
• VZ Slim Ambidextrous Black Gatorback Grips
• Beveled Magazine Well
• Low Mount Tritium Sights
• Index Mark on Slide for Front and Rear Sights
• Trigger Job • Commander-Style Hammer
• Short Trigger
• Ambidextrous Thumb Safety
• Titanium Firing Pin
• Beavertail Grip Safety
• Tuned Extractor • Throated Barrel & Polished Feed Ramp
• Polished Breech Face
• Lower and Flare Ejection Port
• Checkered Front Strap: 25 LPI
• Checkered Mainspring Housing: 20 to 25 LPI
• Front Cocking Serrations
• Tighten slide/Frame Fit
• Lanyard Loop • Complete Dehorn
• Accessory Rail (Optional)
• Matte Roguard and NP3 Plus Metal Finish Exterior and Internals
• Test Fired for Function and Sight Adjustment
• MSRP: $1,895 (on customer’s 1911)

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