Robar Unity Tactical Atom Adaptor

Aclean sight installation is always eye-catching and Robar’s melding of the Unity Tactical ATOM Adaptor (made exclusively for Robar to a 1911 slide) is simply beautifully done. While adapting red dot micro sights to semi-autos has been around for some time, the sights and mounts are only just now getting to the point it makes solid sense. At least to me.

In this case, Robar’s combination of the Trijicon RM06 RMR (Ruggedized Miniature Reflex) sight with the ATOM Adaptor has created a bullet-proof combo that can actually withstand combat conditions. In a police duty holster or a soldier’s gunbelt, this tough-as-nails duo is nearly impervious to anything tossed at it.

Robar’s attention to detail and gunsmithing skill means the installation is clean, reliable and trustworthy. As you read this, it’s available on your own slide, with prices corresponding to standard shop set-up labor due to the differences in 1911 slide specs. In the future, they may offer a slide already outfitted with the adaptor, however the slide would need to be fitted to your existing frame. Or hey … you could simply have Robar build you a new gun based on the modified slide!

As a die-hard iron sight guy, I always look at this sort of thing with a wary eye. But this combination of “toughest in the class” dot sight with this innovative mounting system, all put together by the industry leaders at Robar caused me to rethink this whole technology upgrade. Maybe you should too. For more info: (623) 581-2648.
By Roy Huntington

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