Rock Island Armory

1911-Tactical 2011 Pistol

A look at Rock Island Armory’s 1911-Tactical 2011 Pistol. FMG Publications’ Shari LeGate offers a glimpse of the new model complete with accessory rail for bayonet attachment.

3 thoughts on “Rock Island Armory

  1. John Doe

    Yes I need a bayonet on my sidearm, you know, just in case my rifle runs out of ammo and then my pistol runs out of ammo and my combat knife gets stuck in it’s sheath.

    Really, the night sights are a welcome addition but the rail is not something I would buy. I really hope armscor plans to sell this as an option on the tacticals or many people will not buy them if it’s standard.

    1. Steve C

      The rails are great,, finally a good place to attach a light.. the bayonet is kinda funny.. never saw one for a sidearm before.. but most other manufacturers of 1911’s offer a railgun for lazer or lights.. and it IS an option.. the without is like a c note less..

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