Rosen J-Frame Shoulder Rig

Mitch,” I said. “I love J-frames, but you already know that.” We were talking about tractors and milling machines, but had accidentally veered into the realm of holsters. “I had a single J-frame shoulder holster once, it was okay, but only just. I’m telling you, if you built a double J-frame rig, that’d be very cool. Something nice, but not cheapo. We baby-boomers can afford it sometimes, so don’t shortchange us. I mean, think about it,” I found myself pontificating, too late to turn back. “Two dead-nut reliable revolvers, easy to carry, a good caliber, always at-hand, I mean, my gosh, what’s not to like?” And it seems, since Mitch is, above all things, a gun guy, he too saw the merit. “Yes … indeed … I see the logic,” he said quietly. I could tell he was thinking.

So, herewith is the result. Sometimes retro is there for a reason, and revolvers, retro though they may be, are as current as “five shots, fast” can be. And frankly, five shots can usually solve about 99.5 percent of what’s-what. So, multiply that by two, and you suddenly get 10 shots of that “dead-nuts” reliable .38 Special-something — right at-hand. A “New York” reload simply means you empty your first gun, then go to your second. Well, here you go. Your “reload” is at-hand, comfy and, dare I say, stylish? While panache may have its detractors, at some level, deep inside, we can’t resist it. “Oh, that guy? You mean the guy who carries a pair of J-frames in that cool leather shoulder rig? Oh, I know him.” See? Bet you wish you were “that guy” among your friends?

With solid brass fittings and Rosen over-the-top leather and workmanship, there’s a reason it’s called Mitch Rosen Extraordinary Gunleather. Carrying a gun (or guns) is serious business, and warrants the best you can afford when it comes to carrying methods. And honestly (I can’t be anything but, with you), I can’t think of a single thing wrong with carrying a pair of J-frames as your personal-protection option. Professional hunters carry double rifles because they offer, essentially, two single-barrel rifles in one. Why not have two 5-shot handguns at-hand — always? I can’t think of a reason not to. For more info: or (603) 647-2971, and when you get Mitch on the phone, tell him we sent you.
By Roy Huntington

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