Rosen Tablet/iPad Bag

The company name is actually Mitch Rosen Extraordinary Gunleather — and for good reasons. I know Mitch personally, and frankly, he gives no quarter when it comes to quality of raw materials, design, construction and final finish and presentation. Simply put, I challenge you find anything of higher consistent quality. A few may rub shoulders with the Rosen shop in that rarified air of “Best Quality.” But aside from one or two tiny, one-person benches populated by near idiot savants coming from some Hobbit-like land somewhere — you can’t beat Mitch’s gear.

Rosen’s latest, the Astoria Tablet Bag, is a nice change from gun gear, but addresses something many of us do daily — tote an iPad or electronic tablet of one sort or another. You don’t hide a gun here, you just protect that electronic gizmo so many of us rely on daily and as we travel. Available in either black or mahogany, in exquisitely grained leather, the trim binding and shoulder strap will be black on either color. You can adjust the shoulder strap, and the flap secures with a brass, turn lock.

Like all of the gear from the Rosen shop, the Astoria Bag leaves no stone unturned regarding quality of execution. This is not only a lifetime investment, but as a gift for your better half gents, I promise she’ll be impressed you had the sense to buy something like this. And just so you know, the Victorian Ladies Handbag offers similar crafstmanship, but offers a handgun concealment feature. Hey, buy both and reach new heights of wonder at Christmas. “You really did this? You thought to buy me these all by yourself?” I can hear the doubt in her voice even now. Tell her Handgunner helped — some.

The Astoria is about $185, and while you’re at it, check out their newly redesigned website. For more info:, (603) 647-2971
By Roy Huntington

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