SABRE Red Pepper Spray

SABRE Red introduces several new safety products for 2018 including Pepper Spray With Flip Top With Key Ring – Purple and Black & White Designer Pepper Spray With Key Ring. The maximum strength formula delivers protection at a safe distance with a 10-foot range, and up to 25 bursts in a powerful stream. The UV marking dye aids in suspect identification. A key ring provides instant access, the locking top helps prevent accidental discharge, and finger grip (Purple) enhances aim. The Black & White Spray features an eye-catching design. Packaging for both includes a link to a free training video and public safety tips.

The Frontiersman Insider Bear Safe is a packable food storage container designed to fit inside a backpack. The unit fits more than a week’s worth of food alongside other trail gear inside backpacks 45L or larger. The safe reduces the likelihood a bear will enter camp as it contains food odors and restricts access. A pressure relief valve adjusts every 1,000 feet to prevent warping.

With extreme stopping power, the Tactical Stun Gun With Bowling Pin Design delivers an industry-leading 2.517 microcoulomb charge. The device also houses a 130 lumen LED light with three settings, and emits 95 dB of sound. Push button activation is intuitive and easy to use to switch between modes. The aircraft-grade aluminum housing is lightweight, yet durable and strong. It includes a belt holster for instant access and a rechargeable battery (cord included).

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