Safety & Security

Tools To Tame The Terror

By Dave Douglas

You bought a new gun, took a concealed carry class and read a book or two on the mindset needed to prevail in a deadly encounter. Now what? It’s time to accessorize. Hiding the gun and keeping your family safe is what it’s all about. We think some of these new goodies think outside of the box — except for the ones which are a box!


Yikes, a home intruder just kicked in your door. Now reach for a tissue? The TacticalWalls Issue Box (that’s how they spell it) offers a unique concealment option. It’s made of ABS plastic, has a black faux wood grain finish and comes with a customizable foam pad for the base and box for standard two-ply facial tissue. So it looks good, hides a gun — and you can blow your nose too.


Hornady’s Rapid Safe 2600 and 2700 allows fast touch-free entry with an RFID wristband, key fob or sticker. It’s also accessible by conventional key lock. The exterior housing is made of 14-gauge steel and has two internal hardened locking lugs. Both the smaller 2600 and the larger 2700 exceed ASTM International safety standards. It also comes with a cable to secure the safe pretty much anywhere. It also meets the TSA requirements for handgun safety in checked luggage.


The new UC35 light from Fenix is rechargeable and combines high intensity light with Micro-USB charging. It also has a low-voltage warning function to remind you to recharge or replace the battery. The UC35 has a tail switch for momentary-on and side switch for output selection. It offers six output levels from 14 lumens to an incredible retina-searing 960 lumens and a strobe mode too.


The S&W M&P Shield is now in .45ACP. At less than 20.5 oz., it’s slim too, with a frame width of only 0.99″. It has aggressive grip texturing and front cocking serrations. The stainless steel slide and barrel are finished with S&W’s Armornite to enhance corrosion resistance. The gun comes with two magazines — one for six rounds and an extended version holding seven. A real fist-full of firepower to keep you safe.


SOG has just introduced their new Quake XL. Blade opening is powered by their SAT 2 (SOG Assisted Technology) propelling the blade open with just a push of a thumb. The brawny 4.5″ blade is of VG-10 steel. It has forged aluminum handles and full-length stainless steel liners. This is a formidable, no-nonsense knife.


BarrelBlok inserts through the ejection port into the barrel, blocking the barrel and preventing a round from being chambered. The tip of BarrelBlok protrudes from the muzzle allowing everyone to see the firearm is safe. It also features a strike face on the rear of the device for dry-fire training. Makes sure you don’t have any accidents!

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