Sapphire USB From ASP

ASP’s original “Sapphire” LED light, the one that literally “lit-up” the tiny LED market years ago, was one of my very first “always in my pocket” lights. Simply put, there wasn’t anything that could hold a candle to it, if you’ll pardon the expression. Since then, ASP has introduced a wide cross-section of innovative lights, from brawny duty lights, to compact personal or back-up lights. At the 2012 SHOT Show, ASP president and founder, Kevin Parsons, took me into the secret cave in their booth and sat me down. “Here, this will change things,” he said, smiling broadly. He opened a little black box and there sat a Sapphire — but not really.

It seems ASP engineers have sort of “21st-centuried” the classic Sapphire. The new version is all about modern LED technology, has armorized, glass-sides (can you say iPhone?), metal-framed construction, USB charging and is about 10 times brighter than the original. The lithium battery delivers 90 minutes of 20-lumen light, enough to keep you out of trouble in most situations. I wanted one badly the moment I saw it, and I twisted Kevin’s arm enough to get one. It now generally lives clipped to my belt loop via the built-in clip-thingy. In the big, dark outback of Missouri where we live, so far it’s helped me find chickens at night, the tractor keys when I dropped ’em, see to get that “thing” out of Suzi’s eye after mowing, and sometimes doesn’t do anything more important than help me get firewood in the dark. Tiny but bright, I’ve charged it once using my computer’s USB port, but it didn’t really need it. Other models come in more conventional blister packaging, with an expandable USB cord. A perfect gift for the urban sophisticate, or even your friendly mechanic. Around $25 in the real world — without the fancy box. For more info: or (800) 236-6243
By Roy Huntington

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