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Maintaining The 1911 Pistol

[…] with the double action S&W revolver, was carrying a Department-issue Beretta Centurion 96G when we first met, and wore an […]

Fingers & Triggers

[…] frame of their Millennium series pistol. The most recent is Beretta, who put such a serrated area above the trigger […]

Wilson Combat WCP320 Carry

[…] a profitable business taking stock pistols from other makers like Beretta, GLOCK, and SIG SAUER, and building their own custom […]

Timeless Tradition

[…] knockdown power with the .45 instead of the 9mm M9 Beretta. Built on surplus WWII Colt frames and slides, the […]

The CZ Shadow 2 OR

[…] throughout the ’80s and ’90s, SA/DA high-capacity pistols like the Beretta 92F and SIG P226 were ruling the world. Throughout […]