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The Little .22s

[…] .22s can be either revolvers or semi-autos. The first handgun I ever owned is a Beretta, weighing just 15 ounces with its alloy frame. It probably wasn’t a great choice as a first handgun — the S&W K22 I bought a couple of years later taught me a lot more about shooting a handgun. But the Beretta is my favorite handgun and has been for over 40 years. It’s long since discontinued, but fortunately there are currently made, reasonably priced alternatives. Two I like are the Ruger SR22 and the Walther P22. Both weigh right around a pound. Both have polymer frames, adjustable sights, DA/SA operation, manual safeties and 10-shot magazines. Both have proven to be well made and accurate. Not target-pistol accurate of course, but both shoot into 2″ for five shots at 25 yards, similar to what I get from my Beretta. This is about as good as I can shoot with a light gun/short sight radius. I once killed a weasel at a measured 23 yards with the Beretta. I’ll admit some luck was involved since only its head and neck were showing. Forced to choose between the two I’d likely take the SR22, mainly because I appreciate Ruger supplying two magazines. It saves me the fuss and expense of acquiring a spare. The Walther is marginally smaller and lighter, and the two are certainly equal in terms of overall quality and performance. If you don’t mind spending a little more money — okay, a lot more — the current Beretta 87 ranks as one of the finest .22s ever made. I don’t have one but do have the similar Model 85 in .380. Great pistols, but dang, they aren’t cheap. My Beretta cost $80 in 1969. Current MSRP on the 87 is more than ten times as much! By Dave Anderson >> Click Here AHMA13col Handgunner March/April 2013

Walther’s CCP M2

[…] easier to hide, and a few bigger ones like the Beretta 84, but none of them are as soft-shooting, with […]

A J-Frame Date

[…] Wood is a writer who commands my instant respect. His Beretta Pistols, the Ultimate Guide is by my bedside and […]

Pistol Cartridge Semi-Auto Carbines

[…] extenders increasing the length of pull from 13.5″ to 14.5″. Beretta has Storms accepting the magazines of the company’s semi-auto […]

Taurus G3 9mm

[…] a close mirror of the popular S&W Model 10. Enter Beretta. In 1974, the Italian gunmaker won a contract to […]