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The Reising .22 Semi-Auto Pistol

[…] to the barrel at its approximate mid-point, reminiscent of the Beretta Jetfire/Tomcat family. On the model in my possession a […]

Who Are We?

[…] Springfield, 13 percent Colt, 10 percent SIG SAUER, 9 percent Beretta, 7 percent Browning and 7 percent Kimber (with others […]

A Success Story

[…] Popular choices include Glock, S&W M&P, SIG and occasionally a Beretta or HK. The department allows “cocked and locked” carry, […]

Catching Up With Goodies

[…] in the market to fit your Taurus, SIG, Luger, 1911, Beretta, Bersa, CZ, S&W, Witness, Browning, Springfield, Walther … um […]

Military/FBI Caliber Choices:

[…] newer semi-auto design chambered in 9mm.That newer design became the Beretta M9. The military now seeks to dump the M9 […]

Old Guns New Generations?

[…] familiarity, it wouldn’t be uncommon to find an AR-15 or Beretta 92 in their home collection. I also think about […]


[…] P238, Desert Eagle (check out my Insider in this issue), Beretta 92FS frame size, Para fits, Caspian Hi-Caps, Coonan .357 […]

The Bond Bullpup Pistol

[…] it’s been used in several other excellent pistols, including the Beretta Cougar and the French MAB P-15. While we’re around […]

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