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Inside Handgunner: Jan/Feb 2020

[…] a Gentleman – Ruger’s Officer-style 1911 and Security-9 (Jeff “Tank” Hoover) Krudo’s Kutters – Louis Krudo doesn’t march do a […]

About Time

By Tank Hoover Being one of “Roy’s Boys” is a dream come true, even though he jokingly calls me the […]

FUB’s Vs. FAB’s

By Tank Hoover Those smitten by the silver stream of steaming hot lead alloy know the difference between a FUB […]

Good Medicine

By Jeff “Tank” Hoover Suspended in mid air, I think, “Damn, this isn’t good.” Then again, maybe it is. I […]

Rescued Dogs

By Tank Hoover Since rescue dogs seem to be the proper and decent rage these days, I’ve done my part, […]

Sixshot Taters

By Tank Hoover When I first met Dick Thompson over the Internet, besides being a sixgun hunter, he was also […]

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