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The Sky’s Not Fallin’

By Tank Hoover If ‘Yer Favorite Powder Is Missin’ Try TITE-WAD Instead … Variety is the spice of life and […]

Blurred Vision Back-Ups

By Massad Ayoob I was recently reading Inside Hoover’s FBI, co-authored by famed former agent Neil Welch. Among many other […]

Arsenal Molds

By Tank Hoover Bullet molds, the caster’s-contraption to convert lead alloy into lead ammunition, are addictive, to say the least. […]

The Butcher Shop, Reborn

By Tank Hoover About a hundred years ago, a group of farmers built an out building using hand tools of […]

Ruger Blackhawk 10mm/.40 S&W

By Tank Hoover A Terrific Two-Fer! This is the first time the 10mm/.40S&W has been chambered in a stainless steel […]

Who Knew….?

By Tank Hoover The habits and traits of some shooters may seem odd, or even weird to us, especially when […]