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A Dog’s Life…

By Tank Hoover Old Ruger and Samantha about four years ago. What a great dog … We just can’t say […]

Fightin’ Frustration…

By Tank Hoover And Finally Figurin’ It Out Today was an educational one. I was shooting two pistols, my Ruger […]

Life Beyond the Badge?

[…] “Act 2” In The Life Of A Cop By Tank Hoover Jumping into police work gives you a front row […]

A Great Box Of Shells

By Tank Hoover It started out as a regular box of shells. I was preparing for a handgun elk hunt […]

Another Dirty Gun Run…

By Tank Hoover For the past three or four years when the cicadas start sounding their mating call and the […]

Never Give Up

By Tank Hoover He struggles, wading knee deep in the rolling trout stream. He’s in his mid to late 70’s, […]