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What Would Elmer Do?

By Tank Hoover Some Thoughts On Cast Bullets… Recently, I was sorting some freshly baked Powder Coated (PC) bullets of […]

Holiday Cheer Delivery

By Tank Hoover Tank Ramps The Game Up Some … Confused… Worry was in the air…his “Stupendous Spectacularness” Editor Roy […]

“No” Peeps Please

By Tank Hoover When I finished kindergarten at the ripe old age of five I didn’t get a certificate or […]

Super Store Story Lines

By Tank Hoover T’was the day before the opener and all through store, were dozens of hunters, in camouflage galore. […]

Exercising With Thom

By Tank Hoover While writing to his 15-year old nephew, Peter Carr, in 1785, regarding what he considered the best […]

Dog Sense

By Tank Hoover Dogs Can Tell Us A Lot If We Would Only Listen… I’m a blessed man! I have […]

PBS Adventures

By Tank Hoover Back when I wuz a kid, hanging around the house was comparable to being sentenced to solitary […]