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PBS Adventures

By Tank Hoover Back when I wuz a kid, hanging around the house was comparable to being sentenced to solitary […]

The Coffee Can

By Tank Hoover I recently lost a good friend. Bill was a shift mate and fellow cop. Even though I […]

Classy Cartridge Brass Creations

By Tank Hoover When you think of Pennsylvania, I’ll bet brilliant October foliage, Amish horse and buggies, Punxsutawney Phil, Whoopi […]


By Tank Hoover I’ve met my share of dogs during my life. None were bad some are just better than […]

Modifying Lee Molds:

By Tank Hoover It’s Sorta’ Easy — Especially If You Can Bug A Buddy Who Has A Milling Machine! “I […]

Face Books…The Real Story

By Tank Hoover “Read any good books lately?” is a common question asked from mystery-stranger to close-knit buddy. I love […]

The Dirt — On Dirt

By Tank Hoover Our Editor, Rocket Launchin’ Roy, does it again, while displaying his adolescent side — at my expense! […]