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An American Icon

[…] to Colt with the first 1,000 arriving at the government-owned Springfield Armory on November 28, 1873. The full contract was […]

Ruger 9

[…] double-stack 9mm. In size it competes with the GLOCK 26, Springfield XD Compact, S&W M&P Compact and others with a […]

EDC Micro-Carry

[…] sized things down a bit. While I carried a full-size Springfield Armory TRP 1911 .45 ACP in my early CCW […]

Galco StukOn-U Pocket Holster

[…] including the GLOCK G42, Ruger LCPII, SIG SAUER P365, new Springfield Armory Hellcat and others. For more info: Phone: […]

Best Gunsmiths in the U.S.

[…] FAX: 210-494-3066 [email protected] tenringcom Jason Chambless Geneseo, Illinois 309-944-7177 jasonc@ Hamilton S. Bowen Bowen Classic Arms Corp Louisville, Tennessee […]

Sixguns More Or Less?

[…] loosen up my straitlaced mind. When he got back to Springfield he sent me out a couple of seven-shooters for […]

A Close Look At: Ammo

[…] .45-70, with a 420-gr. hard cast bullet at the original Springfield Trapdoor load of 1,350 fps. Used in a shorter-barreled […]