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Taming Triggers

[…] it is time for a refresher on triggers. Triggers on the little pistols, such as the Walther PPK and others around that size and smaller, like the little .25-caliber pocket pistols, have very heavy pulls. There’s not much even the best pistolsmiths can do to lighten the trigger on these. Before you buy one you need get permission to dry fire the pistol to see if you can manage the trigger. If your hands are small, or your lady friend has a hard time with the double-action pull, you are going to be better off putting the pistol back on the shelve and looking at something a little larger. One good way to tell if the tiny pistol is for you is to dry fire and notice how far you are off the center of the target after the trigger is pulled. If you are off more than just a couple of inches you need to think twice before purchasing. The reason the triggers on the small pistols must be so heavy is due to the tight geometry. The hammers are small, and the distance between the pivot point and the firing pin strike point is short, so an extra strong spring must be installed to drive the small hammer into the firing pin with enough force to crush the primer. Installing lighter springs is not an option in most cases, as misfires will result. >> Click Here AHMA12col M/A Cover

S&W’s M&P22

[…] version also has the same high quality components and workmanship as the originals. Carl Walther in Germany makes the M&P .22. It has an ambidextrous thumb safety, which no doubt helped earn the points needed to be approved for import. The centerfire version is available both with and without a manual safety. A law enforcement buddy kindly loaned me his M&P 9mm duty gun so I could shoot the two side by side. His pistol has a manual safety, and allowed me to get a feel for shooting both guns. 500 Rounds Later The M&P22 magazine holds 12 cartridges, with a 10-round magazine available for states that limit capacity. One magazine is provided, and for a plinking/hunting .22 I can get by with one magazine. For training purposes, a shooter really should have two magazines for use in reloading drills. Currently, extra magazines in either 10- or 12-round versions are listed as being available at $32. I really enjoyed shooting the M&P22, and running around 500 rounds through it — mainly CCI MiniMags, some Federal and Winchester match, plus value pack cartridges from Remington and Winchester. This was without disassembling for cleaning, though I did use a boresnake at about 250 rounds. I had one failure to feed (frankly, not uncommon with a .22 auto); otherwise function was flawless. Trigger pull was consistent and fairly smooth with weight-of-pull at 6¾ pounds. Disassembly for routine cleaning is fast and simple. Remove the magazine and check the chamber to be certain the firearm is unloaded. With the slide forward, rotate the takedown lever to point down and pull it about ½” out from the frame. Then retract the slide, lift the rear of slide, and move it forward off the frame. There’s no need to pull the trigger on the empty chamber prior to takedown. In fact, the hammer should remain cocked throughout. By Dave Anderson >> Click Here AHND12col Handgunner Nov/Dec 2012 Cover

Can A Pistolsmith Fix It?

[…] one of the sub-compact pistols or revolvers such as a Walther PPK or S&W J-frame thinking the small pistol will […]

The 9mm Makarov:

[…] for a Hungarian-made PA-63. It’s an unashamed knock-off of the Walther PP, but chambered for the 9mm Makarov, a cartridge […]

Start ’Em Out Right

[…] excessive recoil. I remember the first time I shot my Walther PPK, a pre-war 7.65mm. I took my usual high […]

P35 Vs. P38

[…] German Army (Heer) adopted a replacement pistol designed by the Walther firm. It was named for that year — P38. […]

Hi-Power Shootings

[…] gets the impression many preferred this pistol to their own Walther P-38’s and Lugers. Mehmet Ali Agca, the would-be assassin […]

Wilson Combat’s EDC X9

[…] a smooth backstrap. The EDC magazine bodies are from the Walther PPQ pistol, with Wilson Combat butt plates. Interestingly, my […]

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