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Justin Case

[…] having the villain in his story tell Bond the 7.65mm Walther PPK our hero was carrying was “a real stopper.” […]

New Products Sept/Oct 2018 Issue

[…] various models of S&W, Beretta, Ruger, SIG, Kimber, Springfield, Taurus, Walther and more. Altamont uses exotic materials, advanced machining techniques […]

HK’s Americanized VP9-B

[…] push button sitting underneath the thumb when shooting right-handed. The Walther P99 and P22 as well as the HK USP […]

ca-legal colt night cobra

[…] this model weighs about 25 oz., or about like a Walther PPK at 24 oz. It’s a 6-shooter, with an […]

Common Sense Personal Defense

[…] Smith & Wesson, GLOCK, Colt, SIG-SAUER, Kel-Tec, CZ-USA, Ruger, Taurus, Walther and maybe a couple of others. If you can’t […]

Precision Shooting

[…] shooters, with good examples being the Benelli, Hammerli, Pardini and Walther match .22’s. Such a grip angle means the shooter’s […]

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