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42 thoughts on “Contacts

  1. Dave Osborne

    Thank you for an excellent magazine! Can you provide the source for the data presented in the “Add It Up” column in the July/August 2015 issue? Thanks! Dave Osborne

  2. William A. Clark

    I thought I had read there was a collection of all of Conner’s GunCrank Diaries. I can’t find it listed anywhere.
    Is there one and if so what’s the address for it?

  3. Robert Roesner

    I have a question about what I can do about fixing my pistol I have now or should I purchase another pistol. My problem is that when I pull the trigger my finger bends downward and the trigger pinches my finger. I shoot a Taurus PT 120 .40 caliber. I have shot 1911’s and not had this problem; however I have heard that 1911 are more difficult to keep in tune and clean then the new pistols on the market. I am not opposed to purchasing a 1911 if this is the only pistol I can use to solve my problem. Please help.

  4. Mike

    I love American Handgunner Magazine. I love the information on guns and gear. Moreover, I really love the Ayoob Files.

  5. Thomas Hampton

    I have enjoyed your magazine for quite some time. I am also a subscriber. I got my copy today in the mail and the last 10 or so pages ripped and tore so bad the article is missing. Is there anyway I could get a replacement copy? Keep up the good work. Thank you, Thomas Hampton

    1. David Nickeson

      I have been trying without success,to contact the San Junn Enterprise company, licensed to make and sell the
      Powell PKP Knife/Pistol. I have a .38 spl model with a broken firing pin. Trying to get a replacement part.
      Any info how or where to get a new firing pin would be much appreciated.

      David N.

  6. Dennis McGrath

    After reading a past Conner report on the Ruger LCR, I purchased one and have been very pleased with it. I have been looking for a 45 ACP to replace my custom 1911 that had been stolen and had not even considered a Kahr CT45 until his last report. Thanks for that, it has all the features that I want ( slim and small grip ), as I have small hands. Keep up the good work. Dennis McGrath

  7. gary schoning

    all your phone numbers are turned off. So sad if you are out of business you did well.Hoefully somebody sees this. I saw your mag in Walmart but did not get mine in mail.

    1. Amercian Handgunner Post author

      We are so sorry, we had phone problems yesterday. All phones are back on today, please contact our subscription department if you have any questions about your subscription. 1-858-605-0253

  8. Chuck Nichols

    While rereading Ed Yost’s article “Understanding Headspace” in the Sept/Oct 2015 issue, I noticed a picture of 38 Specials with setback primers. I don’t know how I missed it before, but don’t understand how these can be caused by excessive headspace. They appear to me to be caused by firing squib loads or test firing non-loads having primers only. I’ve been wrong before, am I now?

  9. scott campbell

    I am confused by my new 22 silencer. I have a Silencerco Specter II which works very well on my Savage Mark II bolt action rifle. My son’s Red Rider BB gun is louder. However when I put the silencer on my Ruger 22 pistol it is comparatively loud. I assume 22 ammo has slow burning powder and the powder is still burning when it leaves the muzzle end of my pistol which is why it is not quiet. Is this a reasonable assumption and, if so, is there such a things as a sub-sonic 22 with fast burning powder that can solve the problem. Thanks so much, American Handgunner is my go to source and it is fun to read too!!

  10. Lloyd Marteene

    Please continue your fight against the anti gunners in America. I am an Australian and each day articles are published by the anti gun media in Australia and there is a deafening silence from anyone in our defence. Remember that if they get “assault or rapid fire defensive” weapons banned they will move on hand gun magazine capacity. If they get that they will move on semi-auto hand guns. Once all of these are gone they will move on 4 wheel driving or whatever else takes their fantasy. If giving up my guns would save the world I probably would, but I am not naïve enough to think that the bad guys would obey. Fight for every inch as they mean to take a yard. The greatest threat to your freedom is the gentle erosion bit by bit of your ability to own and use what you want.

  11. Gary Meador

    Thank you for excellent magazines . I wonder if your staff of writers could help me with a problem? I have very large hands and I love single action revolvers, mostly the UBRTI 45 Colt copies. My problem is I need oversized grips to keep the knuckle of my third finger away from the trigger guard. I have run out of ideas on who to call with this problem. Thanks for your help. Garu

  12. Mike Bowens

    I cannot express how much I enjoy American Handgunner and Guns magazines. I totally agree with all the compliments your expert staff members garner. They surely deserve them. Although I am not a hunter, but enjoy IDPA range days. I do posses a collection of rare,classic European air rifles that are valued up there with fine firearms. The best German examples have walnut stocks and superb mechanical parts. Due to this collection, I can empathize with Dave Anderson’s love of rifles. I am surprised that I do not read more compliments of Dave’s articles. Dave is an all-round gun guy, seemingly comfortable with both rifles and handguns. His dialogue reeks of genuine deep knowledge and confidence that con only come from experience. Please extend my thanks for his articles and the degree of obvious wisdom he imparts.
    Sincerely, Mike B, Redmond, Washington.

  13. John Lisbeth

    I just read Mark Hampton’s piece on the Desert Eagle. I bought one in .44 Mag a while ago because, while I love shooting my .44 AutoMag, I only use it for hog hunting. I’m always afraid of breaking something and parts for the AMP aren’t available anywhere at any price. If anything breaks, it’s an expensive paperweight.
    The DE is remarkably comfortable to shoot with full-power loads and great fun. My only problem is finding a holster. I’d like an open-top crossdraw, but I can’t find one. There are a few cheap Nylon and leather belt holsters, but they look like crap. The cut-down rifle scabbards are just too damn big and I’ve read bad reviews on the shoulder rigs.
    Any suggestions?

  14. Glynn Gattis

    Just finished the Nov/Dec 2016 “Historic Holsters” by Bob Arganbright. Was amazed to find mention of Oklahoma State Police Officer Dan Combs, sho made a holster for Bill Jordan. I had the honor and pleasure to meet and watch Officer Combs give a shooting demo in the 1970’s in North Little Rock AR. I was a police officer in a nearby town, and was overwhelmed by the speed and accuracy of Combs’ shooting. Also watched as he emptied a 50 round drum in a Thompson all shots going thru the ace of spades, without cutting the card in half. Would love to see an article about him and his holster design, that the OSP used for a time. Keep up the good work! Really enjoy the magazine!

  15. Bill Morgan

    Enjoy your magazine very much. Do need help locating a holster. Have been looking everywhere for a paddle type holster for my Walther PK380 auto. Do you know of any company that make one? Have contacted sever company’s from your magazine and have not received a reply from any of them. Any help you can give would be very helpful.

  16. Pat Sabo

    I just got done reading Will Dabbs Md article on the Sig MPX…would love to know where he found the adaptor for mounting a can on it,,,,I am LE and carry one in the trunk for close-in and personal work…..any help would be appreciated….Thanks Pat Sabo

  17. Douglas Walsworth

    I was shocked t see Hampton without sticks in the Jan/Feb 2017 issue, then mirabile dictu, there was Dabbs NOT looking like he just came from a Ukrainian milsurp fire sale!

    Will wonders never cease?

  18. David Atherton

    This is for Mike Venturino from one cat lover to another. I have had cats since I was 6 months old and I’m almost 63 now you can never own a cat they own you they agree to live with you. Right now I have 9 in my house the oldest is almost 18 the youngest 2 are about 8 months several of them had mothers that are feral in my mothers backyard the kittens would run to the house with any noise at the backdoor wanting attention.

  19. Mike Harrison

    March/April 2017 magazine arrived and as usual I read it cover to cover. I found on page 70,Magnum Research “Baby desert Eagle” what I believe is an error: Isn’t Pillager in Minnesota and not Maine????
    I grew up near there and even visited the location and had some upgrades to my Desert eagle 44 mag.

  20. R.Waranka

    Conners’ latest Guncrank is right on the mark. He is one prosaic and articulate son of a gun. When the time comes around for his review give him something fun to shoot and a couple hundred extra rounds to do it with. And I always like the Ayoob Files and the “cat guy” is a keeper to. Keep up the good work. Thank you.

  21. Chad

    I suspect Im not the only one interested in this – I would like to put old fashioned sights on a replica fixed sight Uberti Bisley… that is, the (Im guessing here) a windage adjustable rear and the square shaped elevation adjustable front sight. These were on the original flat-top target models. As well, Im also guessing some of the same or similar rear sights were used on early Colt’s Double Action target models, like Officer’s Models, Police target models.. From what I see, it looks like the same adjustable front sight on those as on the old Bisleys. I know Taffin wrote an article (I have it) about placing rear adjustable sights on the single actions, but I believe those were S&W or other modern sights.. I’ll go that route if I have to, though I should be able to get the adjustable front sights.. Im trying to go with the original Bisley target configuration.. If the top cannot be flattened thats ok.. The Bisley I have is in .44 special. So, what I need to know is where I can get that old fashioned adjustable front sight and windage adjustable rear. Thanks, Chad

  22. Sam Garland

    Enjoy your section on handgun hunting. Packed a 1911 for many years while in the Corps, now we do a lot of hiking in bear country. Along with bear spray I carry a S&W M69 with a durable fixed rear sight it shoots 44spl and 44 mag in the same group. In bear country it’s loaded with a 240 gr jhp. Have you had a chance to try out the M69? good hunting…Sam Garland …Semper Fi…….

  23. jay aponte

    I’m gonna cut to the chase,I’ve attempted several times to enter one of your mags. giveaways,not to no avail,time after time I’m asked to submit additional info,where there is no field to enter such info. Needless to say it is very frustrating! Though I enjoy your magazine I doubt I will be entering any future giveaways!! Lucky you

  24. Joe Stalin

    In regards to the LTE about having having ‘one gun per ten holsters’ I coined this term decades ago:

    “Insatiable Gun Lust” (IGL)

    I have it, I think most guys would have it if they had more money.

  25. Craig Newton

    For Mr. Taffin,
    First, thanks for the article in Part III of “The first big-bore sixguns”. I love reading this stuff.
    Your pictures show both a Colts and Remington with the “antique” finish. I also like this finish and have a SAA on order from Cimarron but have yet to see one in person. Taylors has this finish but the picture on their website doesn’t look nearly as nice as the ones in your article. Can you tell me where you got those and if the finish looks as good in person as what appears in your Pics?

  26. John Chludzinski

    For Mike “Duke” Venturino:

    Now that Starline is making generally available their .45 Special cases, will you revisit your “troubled history” with the .45 Colt?

    BTW, I just talked to Hunter at Starline, their tech guy, and he made three points:

    a) the .45 Special case is the same as the .45 ACP and .45 AR, except with a different head (i.e., rim).

    b) there’s NO problem with accuracy because of the shorter case. (The gap between the bullet in its case and the forcing cone isn’t a problem because, before the bullet jumps from the cylinder to the forcing cone, it must first go thru the chamber throat. Lining it up with the forcing cone.)

    c) the .45 Special had been under a exclusive license with another company and that’s expired. So it’s been added to the Starline catalog for only about month.

  27. John T. Histed

    The recent article entitled: From My Cold Dead Fingers!-Does “Bullets First Still Apply?”, by Alan Korwin, was excellent. It is a discussion that the NRA and we gun-owners in particular, need to be seriously discussing right now. The answer to the question of “At what point do we arm ourselves to defend our second amendment rights?”, can only be “At the moment that they come to take your guns”. Mr Korwins’ expression “Bullets First” should be our motto. Thank you for your courage to finally begin this discussion.



  29. Judy Hopper



  30. Bryan Wortman

    The “AFFORDABLES” column on the Raven .25 ACP reminded me of owning one in the 80’s. Reliable? heck, yes- with brass cased ammo. CCI [email protected] aluminum cased rounds would routinely fail to feed. (My thought was the aluminum case did not shrink back after firing, as a brass case would, and “dragged” on the chamber walls, slowing down the slide.) I also owned the Jennings .22 LR pistol, functionally identical to the Raven. With standard velocity rounds it was reliable- if and when I could find any. One magazine of high velocity stuff resulted in the wildest jams- fired cased extracted and jammed in the slide next to the incoming round, etc. Small comfort these guns, glad I never had to shoot for keeps with them. American Handgunner is tops!

  31. Lane Dexter

    I’ve been daydreaming about 10mm for years (decades). With 200 grain bullets, a 6 inch barrel, and careful loading, it’s pretty close to a .41 mag autoloader, and a nice hunting round. How about a 10mm longslide roundup? Show us a comparison of all those nice 6″ tens out there, across a wide price range, give us an idea which ones shoot straightest and which are most amenable to minor mods & tuning.

  32. Ron

    Re; broken copies of 2016 CD disk. My address per your request is: Ron Hill
    310 5th Ave, Apt 3
    Helena, MT 59601

  33. Ron Wicks

    I am behind on my reading so just got to the March/April 2014 issue. I particularly liked the ‘Hi-Cap Gas Tanks’ letter in ‘Speakout’. I was hoping to copy and paste the letter into a computer file so that I could share it with others. I have not been able to figure out how to do it. What do I need to do? Thanx!
    Ron Wicks #H 12239620

  34. Jack Inscoe, Jr.

    Regarding Dave Anderson’s article in the July/August 2018 issue titled “The Overlooked Archtype”, I recently purchased a Magnum Research MR9 Eagle pistol for a very attractive price. My research reveals the Walther family origins on this P99 derived firearm, with Walther based functionality, and a stainless steel barrel. The included mags appear identical to those in my original P99, and are interchangeable. The MR9 is a great shooter, and a steal for its low price at Hyatt guns, Charlotte, NC.

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  36. Rocky Ciesick

    This past Friday, I received in the mail an offer for American Handgunner: 2yrs subscription for $14.77 or 5 yrs for $35.00. Is this for real? Years ago I got burned from a false subscription ad for AH. Lost my money. If this is real, check will be in the mail as soon as I get a positive response.


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