Sharp Edges

Recently there was a letter printed in these pages bemoaning the fact Handgunner sometimes prints knife articles. That caused me to give a moment’s thought to my own sharp edges. I said to myself, “I’m not much of a knife guy: I’m a gun guy. That is except for my Spyderco folder and my Steve Brooks Damascus Bowie. And except for a couple of Damascus hunting knives. And except for the British Commando dagger I stumbled onto. And except for that big box full of bayonets that go with my military rifle collection. And except for my replica US Model 1860 cavalry saber and oh yeah, I can’t forget the newest one: a genuine Japanese World War II officer’s saber.”

Well, I guess the bottom line is I do have a lot of sharp edges. Some of them, like the hunting knives, have seen their share of use. Others, like the replica US cavalry saber, are used only as photo props.

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