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You Asked For It

Hot, sweaty, stumbling, dusty. Ticked off over bein’ muzzle-swept by morons all day.  Pour BIG adult beverage. Spill it. Pour another. Drink it so’s it doesn’t spill. What’s in this folder? Letters from readers, askin’ “What’s your take on fill-in-the-blank?” Wrong time, wrong mood, though that’s improving; see “beverage,” above. Okay, you asked for it.

The China Problem: What’s the problem? Are we runnin’ low on plastic clothes hangers an’ cheap folding lawn chairs? Oh; that other “China problem.” I hear all this stuff about how buying Chinese products is good because they “increasingly see us as valued trading partners” and it makes ’em more like us (versus “like us more”). And I think, oh, yeah; like, if you invite a 6-foot crocodile into your bathtub and you throw roast chickens, beef briskets and bucks at it until it’s 26 feet long with jaws the size of Billy’s bass boat. Then of course, he’s gonna see you as a “valued trading partner” and won’t eat you. Yeah.

Bought a microwave, TV or alarm clock lately? I wouldn’t mind the flood of gizmos and widgets so much if they added a line to that “Made in China” tag saying, “Thank you for your money. We buy strategic weapons, T-Bills and American politicians with it.” If I ever find a bag of Fritos with that tag on it, somebody else gets muzzle-swept.

We still make the best guns and ammunition in the world though, and lots of ’em, thank God. That may save our bacon when China decides to come after us individually to collect that $1.2-billion per person debt because our government’s broke. At that point, some ChiCom general might pause and think, “Geez, they got a lotta guns and know how to use ’em!” Then he turns to a buncha PLA privates and says, “Okay, who wants to go first: you, Yu, or you, Woo? No takers? I gotta put a pistol to your heads?” And a PFC in the first rank thinks, “I got a better chance of him missing me at 6″ than one of those Yankee IDPA handgunners missin’ me at 50 yards! I’ve seen ’em on YouTube!” And the invasion fizzles …

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2 thoughts on “Sharp & Frags

  1. John Whisenhunt

    Relating to the comments about “the China Problem”. Just a few days ago I was shopping at a Giant supermarket. In their “Bulk Food Dept.” they sell a variety of nuts, trail mix, candy, chocolates, and dried fruits, all in plexiglass bins, that you bag and weigh yourself. One of the items available was “dried apple rings”. I was going to purchase some, until I noticed it was a “product of China”. Contacting them via their website, I politely asked them if they could not find apples in the US? Could it really be cheaper to import this item from China?? I can kind of understand electronics and such, but apples? Seriously? I also contacted one of the national growers association. Not sure what good one complaint will do, but I had to make my opinion known.

  2. Pastor Eliot DeNick

    Good article. Great sermon title: FRAUDS, FADS AND FETISHES
    I feel a sermon coming on.
    Pastor DeNick

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