SHOT Show Turnout Showed Strength Of Industry

By Dave Workman

All of those pundits who have been telling the American public that gun ownership is on the wane were corrected by the turnout at the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show in Las Vegas.

According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s after-action report, this year’s attendance nudged the 65,000 mark, “surpassing last year’s turnout to make it the second-most attended SHOT Show ever.” It wrapped up on Jan. 20, and in the press room, where Insider Online was pounding a keyboard as Donald Trump took the oath of office, cheers erupted. Ditto down on the show floor where people watching televisions in various spots were smiling.

This has become the largest firearms industry show in the world, with people from several countries in attendance, showing off their goods. This year, more than 500 new products were introduced by 338 of the attending companies at the New Product Center. There were more than 1,600 exhibiting companies on two levels of the Sands Convention Center. There are literally “miles of aisles,” or it at least seemed that way after trekking through the exhibit hall four days in a row.

SIG Sauer Scores Contract

Insider Online visited exhibit after exhibit to find them packed. Name a gun company in attendance and they were making sales. This was especially so on the last day at the Sig Sauer display after it was announced that the company had landed the contract to provide the new military sidearm, the P320. This is a hummer of a handgun, to be dubbed the M17, according to Task & Purpose.

The P320 is a striker-fired pistol with a fiberglass-reinforced polymer grip frame that houses the fire controls. It’s got a molded accessory rail and hits the scale at just under 30 ounces empty. The pistol holds 17 rounds, giving it two more than the Beretta it replaces.

This contract could be worth up to a reported $580 million, for some 300,000 pistols. Now watch a lot of private citizens clamor for the same gun, which will translate to full employment opportunities for Sig Sauer engineers!

Olympic Arms A Casualty

One aspect of the industry that has reached the saturation point is the production of modern sporting rifles on the AR frame. Indeed, it appears that has led to at least one longtime manufacturer of the AR15-type rifle to announce it is hanging it up at the end of February.

Olympic Arms has been in business more than four decades, according to an announcement on its website. Olympic pioneered the first AR-type handgun, and had offered models chambered for a couple of the “short, fat magnums” that were remarkably accurate. They have also chambered models in .22-250 Rem., .300 BLK, .308 Win., and an assortment of pistol calibers.

Next year, the 40th annual SHOT Show will unfold Jan. 23-26, 2018.

SAF Sticks Up For Legal Resident Aliens

While the whiners were publicly sniveling over President Trump’s moves against so-called “sanctuary cities” and their safe haven policies for “undocumented immigrants,” the Second Amendment Foundation was busy sticking up for the Second Amendment rights of legal resident aliens.

SAF won a preliminary injunction in federal district court in Missoula, Montana against that state’s citizenship requirement to get a concealed carry permit. SAF and its legal beagles — David Sigale of Glen Ellyn, Illinois and Quentin M. Rhoades and Nicole L. Seifert of Missoula — sued on behalf of Lenka Knutson, a citizen of Slovakia who lives with her family in Flathead County. She’s also a SAF member, so when she applied for a carry permit and was turned down, guess who she talked to.

U.S. District Court Judge Donald W. Molloy stayed the case to give Montana lawmakers a chance to fix the law, which they were apparently in the process of doing when the court ruling came down.

According to SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb, this wasn’t the foundation’s first gig when it comes to securing gun rights for legal resident aliens. SAF has also won similar cases in Missouri, Nebraska, Arkansas, North Carolina and New Mexico.

Anti-Gunners Laying Groundwork in N.M.

Speaking of New Mexico, the National Rifle Association recently alerted members about legislation aimed at so-called “universal background checks” that will place similar restrictions on firearms transfers that have been passed in Washington and Nevada by initiative, and Oregon and California by legislation.

In New Mexico, House Bill 50 and its companion, Senate Bill 48, were scheduled for public hearings on Feb. 4.

These bills, the NRA said, are supported by Everytown for Gun Safety, the national gun prohibition lobbying group founded and financed by anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg. Everytown also poured big bucks into the gun control campaigns in Washington, Nevada and Maine, losing in the latter state by a narrow margin last fall.

Windy City Starts Year With 234 Bangs

Chicago thugs and bangers must have considered last year’s body count of 762 homicide victims as a challenge, because according to the local CBS affiliate, January rolled up 51 murders, which is one more than in January 2016.

The report said there were 234 shooting incidents and 299 victims, while January 2016 saw 242 shootings and 291 victims. The city has tried all kinds of things, including a Cook County “gun violence tax” that is the subject of a lawsuit, but nothing seems to be cooling the killers, even in the dead of winter.

Three sections of the city on the South and West sides seem to have the worst problems. Those are the Austin, Englewood and Harrison districts.

The On-Line Date From Hell

Just in case you need an excuse to pack a gun on a blind date, learn from the experience of a 29-year-old Washington State man who met his 24-year-old date online.

This thing went south by the short cut, according to the Seattle Times. The two met via Craigslist, got together and ended up at Lynnwood’s Rodeo Inn for what turned out to be a bronc ride to the Twilight Zone.

The newspaper reported that the woman was lying on the bed in the room the man had apparently paid for. She asked him several times if he was a serial killer (not the get-acquainted line we’d recommend) and when he said he wasn’t, she climbed on top of him and said, “Well I am!”

At that point, she plunged the blade of a pocketknife into his chest, and the weird didn’t stop there. The guy fought her off and fled to a nearby pharmacy, where the cops and an aid car arrived. He first was taken to one hospital and finally transferred to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.

When the cops went to the crime scene, they found the suspect in the parking lot, where she reportedly reiterated that she wanted to be a serial killer and said, “I’m a loon.” Oh, ya think?

Her plan allegedly was to kill this guy, cut out his heart and eat it, and leave a note on his corpse intimating she would kill again. In the wake of all of this excitement, she reportedly told investigators that she was worried about missing work the next day.

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