Sight Picture: Modern Sights

Roy’s Insider Tips #252

October 2012

Sight Picture (Part 1 of 2): Having trouble getting a good sight picture? American Handgunner editor Roy Huntington explains what a sight picture is and how having a good sight picture will help with getting more accurate shots on target.

4 thoughts on “Sight Picture: Modern Sights

  1. Lt. Col. Jim Kennedy (R)

    A century ago professional hunters and guides in Africa used a shallow V rear sight with a large dot front sight on their best dangerous game rifles. This type sight was most quick and useful especially when an angry Cape Buffalo was trying to send the hunter to meet his maker. XS makes a similar sight today. I believe it is most useful when meeting up with a bad guy trying to do the same. In a gunfight we are talking distances measured in a few feet. We are not talking Bianchi Cup competition or precision target shooting here. Rather in a defensive situation speed is of the essence. An XS handgun sight has a tritium markings and is made of steel. When fitted to my Glock it replaces the plastic factory sights. And being steel it means one can cock the weapon by hooking the rear sight on a Kydex holster or other hard object and pushing down. For someone with an injured hand or arm or born with one arm it can be a life saver. Massad Ayoob taught my daughter who was born without her lower left arm to become an excellent shot with XS sights on a Glock 26. Choice of sights should be dependent upon what one is going to use the gun for.

  2. Terry Tibbetts

    Great instructional video Roy – been a subscriber for years.

    If you do another one of these Roy please mention the eye-focus on the front sight. Understand this can vary for combat, but as you are real basic here with this video I think that it should be mentioned. Thanks, and keep up the good work.

  3. Clay

    I wish I had a mustache like that. 🙂
    Just wanted to say thanks for a great video I can show my kids as they are having a hard time understanding how to aim their BB guns!

  4. Butch Price

    Excellent video. Roy delivers the information well. I learned this in the Marine Corps 30 years ago, but I have met many people who shoot, that have never heard the term “sight picture” and had no idea what a good sight picture was, or how to use it to improve their results.

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