Skinner Scabbards

I know, it’s a rifle case — in a handgun magazine. But don’t tell me you don’t own a rifle, and if you’re smart, you’ll likely own a handy, short lever-action rifle of some sort. Around my place, there’s always a cut-down Model 94 in .30-30 nearby, and we use it to solve all sorts of problems. I even used it once to shoot a drain hole in a tree, allowing water to escape out of a big hollow where it had been rotting the tree away. Who needs a drill, anyway?

Along with a good rifle you should have a good case, and they are rare as hen’s teeth to find. Many have zippers that break and shoddy over-all workmanship, unless you spend some big bucks. If you find a good one, it’ll likely only have a grab handle, which makes it tough to stow securely on an ATV, truck or especially a horse! At the last SHOT Show, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting a real gentleman, Andy Larsson, who owns Skinner Sights. While Andy makes the best aperture sights of all sorts I’ve ever seen (more on those another time), I found him to have a real appreciation of lever actions and their need for a good case. Not finding one he liked, Andy set out to make his own.

After designing something he liked and specifying padded Cordura and nyon — no zippers, thank you very much — Andy found a small local company near him in Montana to make the cases. The result is a modest lineup of designs holding take-down rifles, single rifles (like our sample) and even a two-rifle case. The one he sent me home with is stout, excellently designed, and the built-in straps allow it to be secured to your ATV, boat, horse or whatever. I promptly attached mine to Spartacus, my Deere tractor, and can now tote my Model 94 in the field easily, keeping it safe from dust and corruption. Quality and good design for around $54. For more info:, (406) 531-5113
By Roy Huntington

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