Skorpions & Grim Reapers

Reeder .44 Special & .500 Blasters!

Are you going to be messing with those guns all evening?”  That very afternoon a big brown truck dropped off two aesthetically beautiful revolvers, thanks to the craftsmanship of Gary Reeder. But alas, her tone showcased the fact it was one of those questions a wife poses where you know it’s already too late — you’re caught. I could detect just enough sarcasm to know I’d better be thinking of ending my new-found attraction for the two brawny revolvers from Gary Reeder. At least for this particular evening. However, I confess to being somewhat amazed at myself for all this. I’m a die-hard single-shot handgun kind of a guy usually, and these were, well — revolvers!

I drive a Ford truck most every day of my life. It’s a nice truck, reliable, dependable and gets me from point A to point B consistently. But it’s that “nice” word that sometimes bothers. At times, you don’t want to be nice. Once in a while it’s an enjoyable experience to get behind the wheel of a BMW and let ’er rip. And right there on my desk, as my wife’s question still hovered accusingly in the air, were two guns easily qualifying as the BMWs of revolvers. I thought, “We’ll learn more tomorrow then, won’t we?”

“The Grim Reaper is a power-house, packin’pistol delivering a mastodon knockout punch.”

By Mark Hampton
Photos Chuck Pittman

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July/August 2012

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One thought on “Skorpions & Grim Reapers

  1. Jorge

    I just received this issue today and really like the Skorpion made by Gary Reeder. I do collect S&W semi autos, but this revolver would fit just fine in my safe. Keep up the great work, love this magazine!


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