South Fork Arms 1911

How Sam Colt Might Have Done It

Is it really possible to have too many 1911s? That’s like saying one can have too many single actions, or friends, or money. In all cases it’s nice to have the dilemma. Try to count the number of variations available on the 1911, or try to even make a list of all the manufacturers of 1911s. I doubt you can. And when you factor in the custom makers, the list gets even longer. Now, add one more.

Jason Perkins of South Fork Arms, which is located in Mexico, Mo., contacted both His Esteemed Editorship and myself, knowing he needed something different to really catch our attention. What was different about Jason’s is the fact his version stirred up visions of custom Colt Single Actions in my sixgunning soul. No gimmicks, simply a beautiful 1911, and once I saw the pictures he sent, arrangements were made for me to spend some time with this unique .45 ACP.

One of my all-time favorite Western movies is The Wild Bunch. Set in the Southwest in 1916, William Holden plays Pike Bishop, one of the last of a fast disappearing breed. As he straddles two centuries, Bishop carries a Colt Single Action .45 in a hip holster and one of the new and thoroughly modern 1911 .45s in a shoulder holster. South Fork Arms’ 1911, as we shall soon see, makes the perfect companion semi-auto for the Colt Single Action Army. These two examples of perfection from the inventive genius of William Mason and John Browning are still timeless today. Perhaps they have been equaled, but only perhaps, and they certainly have never been bested, at least in this sixgunner’s mind, soul, and spirit.
By John Taffin

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