2015 American Handgunner Special Edition

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This GIANT 2015 Special Edition Is Available Now!

Add This Bonus Issue To Your Collection Of Handgun Resources.

The American Handgunner Special Edition is the best source for the latest trends in handgun equipment, handgun care, history, ammunition and handgun accessories. Inside this issue are top notch articles from the world’s best writers. The comprehensive catalog section provides a year-round handgun buying resource for readers of all interest levels.

Here’s What’s Included In This 180-Page Edition:

45_caliberA .45 CALIBER CONCEPT — Design Your Own All-American 1911.

.22 TCM AUTO— Hi-Velocity Micro-Magnum!

POWER UP! — Dan Wesson’s Elite Titan 10mm.

THE .38 SUPER — Over 80 & Better Than Ever.

single_shotONE SPLENDID SINGLE SHOT –H-S Precision’s Model 200P.

THE LEGENDARY SMITH & WESSON MODEL 41 — Premier .22 Tackdriver.

ONE WICKED WHEELGUN — Smith & Wesson’s Performance Center 686 Plus.

kimberA LUCKIER NUMBER — Ruger’s 7-Shot Single Action .327 Federal.

HAND-CANNON HOGS — Guncrafter Industries’ .50 1911.

LOINHEART INDUSTRIES 9MM — Style And Substance From Seoul.

POINT OF AIM VS. POINT OF IMPACT — How To Bring ‘Em Together.

freedom30 YEARS OF FREEDOM ARMS — Wyoming’s Premier Revolver-Maker.

GUNCRANK DIARIES — Assume This, Not That.

THE SIXGUNNER — Bond Arms .45/.410 Derringers.

THE INSIDER — Is Velocity Overrated?

THE INSIDER — Those Fabulous .44s

KIT UP — Cool New Gear


GUN GIVEAWAY — Win EAA Compact Lady SAR B6PL And More.

NEW PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT — Hot new products you must have!

BUYER’S GUIDE 2015 — Catalog of guns, knives, lasers and lights

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