Enhance Your Night Operations

With The Armasight BNVD-40 Gen 3 Pinnacle Night Vision Goggle

Night vision technology has rapidly evolved over the past decades. The Armasight BNVD-40 Gen 3 Pinnacle Night Vision Goggle exemplifies this evolution, merging cutting-edge technology with an ergonomic design that caters to both professionals and enthusiasts operating in low-light environments.

The Gen 3 Pinnacle BNVD-40 Night Vision binocular is exclusively available with Ghost White Phosphor Image Intensifier Tubes, the preferred choice of elite special operators across the globe, and comes equipped with a built-in infrared (IR) illuminator. Their unique dual-tube design offers users an added advantage of in-depth perception and a significant edge in situational awareness, making it an invaluable tool when navigating or conducting tasks in the dark.

The Generation 3 Pinnacle Image Intensifier Tubes are renowned for producing clearer, brighter images with minimal noise. Complementing this is the manual gain control, a feature that allows users to tweak the brightness level of the image based on their surrounding conditions, ensuring utmost clarity. If the ambient light level exceeds the limits of the BNVD, the automatic protective system will shut off the Image Intensifier Tubes to prevent damage while observing under changing light conditions.

Users also enjoy an expansive perspective courtesy of the BNVD-40’s 40-degree field of view, which proves essential in scenarios requiring quick decisions such as such as tactical operations, surveillance, and search and rescue missions.

The Gen 3 BNVD-40 Pinnacle Night Vision Goggle can operate for up to 20 hours on a single CR123 battery. Designed for the toughest of conditions, it’s constructed with resilience in mind, showcasing waterproof (IP67) features and rugged materials that attest to its durability. Not to forget, its ergonomic design ensures prolonged usage without discomfort.

Armasight offers additional mounting options (sold separately), allowing the BNVD-40 to be used as helmet-mounted night vision goggles, which can be easily moved out of the way in an instant. The BNVD articulates, allowing for it to be configured for use as a monocular over either eye, preserving your biological night vision in one eye if desired. An external battery pack which offers an impressive run time of 60-80 hours (depending on battery type and device setting) is also available, allowing seamless integration with a helmet setup using the included Velcro connections.

The Gen 3 BNVD-40s are a testament to the advancements in night vision technology. With a harmonious blend of user-centric features and state-of-the-art technology, it presents a comprehensive solution for a wide array of nocturnal challenges. It’s a must-have for anyone seeking to enhance their nighttime experiences, be it for professional requirements or adventurous pursuits.

The Armasight Gen 3 BNVD-40 Pinnacle Night Vision Goggles range from 15-40% less than NVGs of comparable specs and quality. A law enforcement agency could very well purchase three of the Gen 3 BNVD-40s versus two of another. They are currently available on Armasight.com for $6,999 (Pinnacle, minimum 2000 FOM) or $7,999 (Pinnacle 2376, minimum 2376 FOM) and come with a 3-year limited warranty with registration.