Springfield Armory’s

XDM 5.25 Competition .45

The XD pistols from Springfield Armory have proven to be high quality, reliable, shootable and durable contenders in the very competitive polymer-frame autopistol market.  Latest variation is the Competition Series with 5¼” barrel in 9mm, .40 S&W or .45 ACP. As the name suggests this version has several features making it suitable for popular action and speed shooting sports. I hope the name won’t cause non-competitors to overlook it.

Long ago a full-house competition pistol came with features such as optical sight, multi-chamber compensator, very light trigger pull, and weight often well over 3 pounds. Fine for its intended purpose, but not a pistol one would be likely to choose for home defense, much less concealed carry. All ancient history, ever since the development of divisions for production handguns and those with limited modifications. Production division has become especially popular. Not only is a production class handgun far less costly than a full-house unlimited gun, it’s more versatile. This Springfield Competition model would also do quite nicely as a duty handgun, or on a nightstand for home defense.

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