Stand Your Ground … It’s Up To You

By Alan Korwin

If a criminal enters your home you can either stand your ground, or abandon your home to the criminal. The “news” media is madly attacking the first principle with breathless stories lately. In their search for something — anything — to assault your precious right to keep and bear arms, violent anti-rights bigots in this country have taken to attacking the very laws created to protect the innocent, help us put criminals in prison (or in caskets) and make society safer.

One of their strategies, now part of the sitting president’s goals, is to go after guns able to fire. You read it right. His seventh anti-gun executive order reads pretty well if you don’t look too deeply: “Launch a national safe and responsible gun ownership campaign.”

They’ve boiled it down to an overblown safe-storage rule, which they interpret as “guns are okay as long as they don’t work” (coincidentally their losing position in the Heller case). If firearms are ready for their intended purpose — to protect innocent life, save lives, stop crime and act as a deterrent — it’s “dangerous.” They plan a huge ad campaign … with your money. And “free” airtime from 15,000 radio and TV stations (your money again, through increased rates to advertisers).

Col. Jeff Cooper wisely pointed out that a safe gun isn’t worth anything. Of course, it has to be balanced with keeping guns out of the wrong hands and the Safety Rules for loading, unloading and storing firearms properly.

Here in Arizona, a “safe and responsible gun ownership campaign” would have to include, for gun owners and the gunless alike, handling loaded firearms and the first rule of Gun Safety: “Treat all firearms as if they’re loaded.” See to see how we do it.

This plan migrates very naturally to self-defense, and people who always keep their guns safely loaded, because it’s the right and proper thing to do. And this brings us to standing your ground.

Fight Or Flight

If an intruder assaults you or invades your home, here in Arizona, you can stand right there and protect yourself. Or, you can flee with whoever else might be there at the time — it’s your call. It’s not a choice between being some testosterone-loaded Rambo vs. a lily-livered yellow-bellied coward. And it’s not civilian wisdom to say: “It’s always better to avoid a gunfight than to win one.”

Don’t you think George Zimmerman would, in perfect hindsight, have preferred to avoid the self-defense gunfight he survived? Now he is forced to live out the rest of his life hounded by the second-guessing, cameras, death threats the US Attorney General is ignoring, public scrutiny, lies, historic distortions and radio replays. But better to be tried by six (in this case) than carried by six. Kinda sorta. But I digress …

So what really is behind stand your ground? I remember when I first heard some talking head raise the point on TV — out of the blue. I was shocked. Say what? The law had nothing to do with the case! Why even bring it up? Suddenly it was front and center. Wow — stand your ground! Sexy. It had zero to do with anything, but we were off to the races, and there was no putting the horses back in the gate. So let’s get this straight.

Stand your ground is good law. Great law. The opposite is run-and-hide law, abandon-your-home-to-criminals law. Without stand your ground, if a criminal smashes through your front door — or just walks in — you must run out your back door and leave your home and its contents to whoever comes in. Yes, that’s right. You have no choice. Defending yourself or your home, if you can run away, becomes a crime.

It may be safer for you, leaving your entire home’s contents in a criminal’s hands. Maybe it’s a better plan; maybe you should do it. But it should be your choice, not the government’s.

If you’re forced to surrender by law — with no right to stay in your home, defend yourself, force an intruder away and you’re required to relinquish your home to anyone who dares enter — then private property has no meaning. Sanctity of home and hearth are worthless. Criminals have more right to your home than you do without this law.

You’re the king of your castle. This is what stand your ground means. You didn’t see this in the nightly “news” now, did you? Journalists should be ashamed and fall to their knees begging forgiveness for the harm they do to this nation.

You must have the right to stand your ground in your home, or on the street or wherever you can legally be, in a free country. When seconds count, the police are minutes away — and those minutes must belong to you, a free person with a right to exist, not to a criminal. Here lies the heart of stand your ground.

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