Stinger Lite Pipe

Go ahead, hit your forehead and say “Duh, why didn’t we think of this before?” right along with me. That’s what I did at the last SHOT Show when Mary Ellen Gianguilio and Melissa Nichols of Streamlight showed me the Lite Pipe in their booth. With some five million Streamlight Stingers “out there” already, if you have a Xenon Stinger, you can either buy the “Lite Pipe” portion and drop it right into your existing Stinger body, or you can buy the whole kit, complete with Stinger body.

It has eight high-power LEDs producing a soft, even 220 lumens of white light for around three hours. The LEDs are encased in a tough polycarbonate cone and can withstand life on a concrete floor in a garage, at a crime scene, in your boat or anywhere you’d rather not have to drag an extension cord and drop-light to. The supplied nylon hook will bend rather than break off, and allows you to hook the Lite Pipe under a hood, or wherever you need this diffused, broad area light. The complete set has a rechargeable battery set-up with a couple of options like Ni-Cad or Ni-MH. With Streamlight’s legacy of hard-duty stuff, the Lite Pipe is sure to become a must-have light for mechanics, hunters, soldiers, cops, campers, farmers and anyone who needs some serious, reliable area lighting without breaking the bank.

List is around $135 for a complete system and the Lite Pipe accessory bulb cone sells for about $80 or so as I shopped around. I have a dark pole barn where I live, so the Lite Pipe always goes into my back pocket when I head out there at night. What a difference! For more info: (800) 523-7488,
By Roy Huntington

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