Streamlight TRL-4

Helping to light the way from the darkness, Streamlight has been there from the beginning. Their groundbreaking SL-20 full-sized dutylight rewrote the book on police flashlights. I’m proud to have purchased one of the very first offered in the middle 1970s, and I still have it. When I pushed the button the first time in a dark alley, other officers took notice. Suddenly, they didn’t think I was so nuts for paying $75 hard-earned 1970s dollars for a light. Today, Streamlight still leads, and their TRL-4 gunlight is solid, reliable and, frankly, doesn’t offer so many options its too confusing to use! I hate to get a new gunlight to test and realize I can’t figure out how to put the battery in, or even turn it on, without reading a 40-page manual. Anyone listening out there?

The TRL-4 fits subcompact, compact or full-sized handguns (a nifty feat), and has an easy-to-use, quick-adjusting mounting system. It has an integrated laser sight you can adjust for point of impact, and you can select light, laser or light and laser. The body of the light is made of impact resistant polymer, keeping it light and rugged. By changing “keys” included, it will fit virtually any commonly encountered handgun with a rail, making it 1-stop shopping. At 110 lumens and about 1.5 hours of burn time, the TRL-4 also puts its compact CR2 Lithium battery to good use. For more info: (800) 523-7488,
By Roy Huntington

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