Streamlight Waypoint

We’ve established you need at least 143 (or was it 168?) flashlights in order to be properly equipped. But I’m afraid I need to bump that up by one now. Streamlight’s new Waypoint is the culprit, and at around $200 MSRP (I’m seeing them at less than $150 for real) just may become your go-to everyday do-all work light. No, you can’t carry it in your pocket, but if you need a “fix the tractor, camping, emergency, look into the woods, find the dog, ‘what’s in the chicken coop?’, fix the leaky faucet, light” — here you go.

The pistol grip and built-in stand are sensible, and a simple lever on the back changes the light from 300 lumens (5-hour runtime), to 25 lumens (50-hour runtime) to a strobing “Hey, here I am!” mode (with a 35-hour runtime). On high beam, the very focused spot can reach out to over 1,500 feet, which is pretty darn far. I tested it and it really does reach that far. The lithium-ion battery recharges in about four hours, and can sit for months and still hold a charge. We opted for yellow so we can find it if we leave it sitting, but they also have it in black if you’re feeling all tactical and stuff. It’d actually be a great light for a cop to have on-hand.

The black plastic tub thing in the picture is a wall/vehicle mount for it, and it has a wrist lanyard and a hooks for a shoulder strap. It only weighs 1.5 pounds and with the comfy pistol grip, feels very light. I like the trigger since you can do momentary on, or pull it all the way to “click” and it stays on. They make a version using standard batteries too (“C”) and it costs less. This one now lives in our E-Z-Go and is in pretty much constant use around here as our chores stretch into the dark, evening hours. For more info:, (800) 523-7488
By Roy Huntington

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