Surefire 2211 Wristlight

This looks sorta’ weird at first, kind of like a clunky, modern wristwatch — but it ain’t that. It’s a genuinely innovative “wrist” light which, after I thought about it some, has a buncha’ uses. Strapped to your left wrist, on the outside (if you’re right-handed), it does double-duty as both a backup to your weaponlight and as a general “Hey, where’s that doorknob” light. When I was a cop, it seems I was always on the graveyard shift, and frankly, I simply would have kept this thing on all night. I would have had a 180-lumen, 1.5-hour runtime light right, literally, at-hand. Think of it like your backup gun to bail you out, except you can also use this as a primary light if you need to.

It’s made of hard-anodized aluminum and has two on/off buttons easily found right on top. You use them to scroll through 15, 60 or 180 lumens. It also has a sort of “fuel” gauge light that turns from green to yellow to red to let you know much much charge is left in the rechargeable battery. It’s all built tough-as-nails, is simple to use (“On-Off” repeat as needed) and has uses nobody has even thought of yet. If you’re a biker, cop, hunter, fisherman, mechanic or, as my doctor friend said, “Hey I could use this during surgery!” — check out SureFire’s new 2211 Wristlight. For more info:, (800) 828-8809
By Roy Huntington

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