SureFire PSX Fury

We see a lot of flashlights around here. Some are good, some are okay and some are trash. We don’t feature the trash. We feature some of the okay ones because, frankly, sometimes okay is good enough, so why spend hundreds if you don’t need to? But now and again, something really strikes us as being in one of those “ultimate” must-have categories. This is one of them.

I’m a shameless flashlight junkie. We live in the woods so there are lights stashed all over, and they all get used constantly. One thing I’ve learned, both during my police career, hunting and out here, is there are times when you can’t have too much light. When “combat” lights first came out, we were enamored with the “Over 45 lumens of light!” they offered. “Holy cow, it can’t get any better than that!” we all said. We were wrong.

At an honest 1,000 lumens, SureFire’s new P3 is compact, beautifully made of aircraft-grade aluminum, uses three CR123 batteries, weighs 7.2 ounces and is about 6.8″ long. It also delivers an honestly blinding white light, with run-time of about 1.5 hours at 1,000 lumens, and 60 hours at 15 lumens. It’s a great second light for a duty cop, or a primary light for anyone else.

The best part of this system is the fact it’s simple. Push the tailcap once and you get 15 lumens (enough for most chores) but hit it twice and you get that 1,000 lumen “reach out there a couple of hundred yards” light. If you hit a bad guy in the face with this level of bright, you’d have a good window to act to defend yourself. You’d also light up a parking lot, canyon, city street, pasture, back lot, inside of a movie theater, warehouse or aircraft carrier flightdeck.

As one pundit put it, “Pretty soon you won’t need your gun because your light will simply dry-up and burn any suspect you shine it on.” We may be getting close to that point. For more info:
By Roy Huntington

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