S&W’s K22

Still Timeless

In the early decades of the 20th century, .22 revolvers were mostly made on small frames — “small cartridge, small gun” seemed to be the rule. Target shooters wanted bigger and heavier revolvers, similar to their target .38 models. The new .22 models from Colt and S&W would prove to be very popular.

S&W had been offering .38 Special target revolvers on the medium K-frame for many years. A similar revolver in .22 cal. was a logical development.  By late 1930 production was underway, with the first completed revolver presented to Douglas B. Wesson on January 3, 1931. The new model was called, oddly enough, the K22 Target Model. When the last revolver of the series was made on December 28, 1939 a total of 17,117 had been made.

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