Tacllet Jr. Accessory Bag

We lived through the days of fanny packs — remember those? “Gee, does that guy have a gun in that black, ballistic nylon bag worn tactically on his hip, to match his mirrored glasses, T-shirt saying ‘Sleep safe, take a cop to bed’ and $140 designer sneakers?” Today, many soft goods makers are more and more innovative when it comes to hiding guns and related accessories, and Natt Stevens, guru at Tuff Products, is among the leaders in thinking outside that box. Relying on experienced cops and other gun guys and gals, Natt listens, and then puts what they say into action in the real world.

His Tacllet bag (a bigger version of the featured Jr. size) got him thinking if someone liked the original, then a smaller, easier to manage one might work well too. And he was right. The Tacllet Jr. has many of the features of the bigger one (gun pocket, places to stash a pen, light, wallet, even a place holding a phone with hard case), but is more — shall we say — discrete.

I’m an old fan of alternate carry methods. After about 38 years of carrying a gun almost every day (okay, I admit to missing days, but not intentionally, mostly because I used to be lazy about it, but then got my brain under my feet, so don’t you be lazy!), I realized a few things. In spite of what Clint Smith says about guns being “comforting not comfortable,” there are some days when you just aren’t in the mood to tote 3.5 pounds of 5″ .45-caliber steel around (including reloads). Tuff Products knows that, which is exactly the reason they made the Tacllet Jr. kit bag.

It fits my Rohrbaugh 9mm perfectly (a great maximum concealment, full-caliber 9mm by the way), and the pocket clip makes it easy-on and easy-off. That’s important in the real world. I know, if you’re really tactical you won’t care about lugging around big iron and such, but sorry folks, for people pocketing J-frames and Kahr .380s, this makes perfect sense. A reload, a flashlight, pen, wallet, phone … bingo; it’s all there. And when you’re home, snick, it’s off. I really like this thing. Thanks Natt. About $60, and in non-tactical colors too.  For more info: www.americanhandgunner.com/tuff-products or (877) 883-3776

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