Tactical Range Box

Okay, so I’m not entirely sure why a range box is tactical, but I do know it is useful, and that makes plain sense to me. MTM’s big idea here was to simply include an insert that will fit into the mag well of an AR-style rifle. Presto, you have an instant and convenient way to fuss with your rifle at the range or at home. You can break the action open to clean or mess with stuff on it, and by changing out the insert to one with a cut-out, you can use the box as a cradle to hold both ends of the rifle like a conventional cleaning station.

The box itself has a goodie tray that can hold cleaning gear or assorted widgets you need to support the rifle or your day at the range. It also has a neat built-in screwdriver bit holder (you supply the tools), and enough compartments to keep you busy for an hour trying to decide where to put all your treasures. The bigger bottom portion of the box holds the inserts and other stuff as you see fit.

Speaking of the bottom, depending on how much weight you have in the box, will determine how much the rifle insert (or “fork” as MTM calls them) can hold. If you have a heavy AR, with lots of gadgets and doo-dads hung on it, you may need to weight the box down to hold the rifle high and dry. Otherwise, simply use the 2-fork system to hold either end. The Tactical Range Box is around $45 most places, and a real steal, if you ask me. For more info: www.americanhandgunner.com/mtm-case-gard

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