The 100-Yard Challenge

Roy’s Insider Tips #191

November 2012

Is it possible to hit a target at 100 yards with a 1911? American Handgunner Editor Roy Huntington takes on this imposing challenge with a twist: using only five shots. Did he make a 100-yard hit?

2 thoughts on “The 100-Yard Challenge

  1. Steve Arnold

    Roy! You DROVE to go check out the target on such a beautiful day???…wow! It would have been such a nice walk… no?


    p.s. – nice shooting.

  2. Fitz

    Now try 500 yards with a 460 xvr don’t like the recoil shoot 454 casull like 38 in a 357 yes I did it about like u 2 out of 5 use the Elmer Keith sitting position easier in dry ground so you can see were u r hitting

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