The 2012 Handgunner’s Christmas Gift Guide

Hitch Up The Sleigh And Hang On, HANDGUNNERS!

Christmas shopping is what? “Difficult”? Oh, au contraire, Alphonse! Not when we’ve already done the research for you! Now your only job is to warm up a toddy*, bust out the plastic, fire up the phone or computer and start scribblin’ names on this list. Good luck, and Merry Christmas!

howard leight

Offering even more hearing protection, higher ambient sound boost, and an audio jack and connector for MP3 players, smartphones and scanner radios, Howard Leight Impact Pro electronic range muffs are a big step up from their excellent Impact Sport muffs, making them a great gift for any handgunner. Come to think of it, you could give Ralph your gently-used sport muffs and keep the Pro for yourself — but you wouldn’t do that, would you? Well?


For your pal who can accidentally bust bowling balls, get a tank-tough handgun case by Americase. Their 4- and 8-handgun cases (four shown here) are part of their Ultra-Lite series, weighing “only” 6 and 9 pounds! Does that tell you something about the strength of these extruded-aluminum double-handled carpet-lined, foam-cushioned padlockable monsters? Hey, you wish your truck was this crash resistant! And, they’re made in Waxahachie, Texas, where everything grows up tough!


Kakadu Australia is best known for their classic dusters, but they also make a full line of jackets and vests, like the Delta shown here, equipped with their Concealed Carry System. The CCS gives you deep fast-access handgun pockets on both left and right sides, with a holster and magazine loops. The pockets and reinforcing panel are caught into the shoulders and armholes, suspending the weight like a shoulder holster. See the lineup and make a choice — they’re all winners!

otis 1

Otis 2

Top quality compact, lightweight zippered Otis Cleaning Systems contain everything needed for proper firearm cleaning and maintenance, and they make great gifts. The Professional Pistol Cleaning System covers handguns from 9mm to .45 cal, while the 3-Gun Competition Cleaning System handles 9mm, .40 and .45 pistols plus 5.56mm rifles and 12-gauge. And don’t worry; the kits are round, but they come in square boxes, so even you can gift wrap ’em…


Here’s a cool gift you can give, share and borrow! From Benchmaster USA, it’s the Impact-45 steel target, made for .38 Spl/9mm handguns and up to .44 Magnum. Smack one of the angled impact plates and just like the caltrop it resembles, the Impact-45 jumps, dances and boogies, always landing with a target stickin’ up! Both it and the lighter Impact-22 for .22 LR and WMR, are made of hardened steel and priced right!


Yep; you’re seein’ right: Unzip the lower compartment of the Handgunner Backpack Range Bag from G-Outdoors Products, and you pull out a precision-cut high-density foam handgun cradle, which nestles four Roscoes. You can also take it straight to the cleaning bench, and stow it in your gunsafe. Another cool feature is lotsa compartments and pouches sized specifically for, and clearly labeled, with graphic images of gear like stapler, tape, glasses, range muffs, tools and more! Besides yourself, you know somebody who’d love one, right?

ww roller1

ww roller 2

Strengthen your hands, develop your wrists and pump up your forearms with the 16″ One Wicked Wrist Roller and the compact Twist Yo’ Wrist from the global leader in strength training, IronMind. Just clip on a weight (here’s a hint: a 1-gallon jug of water is 8.5 pounds) and start rolling. Get one for your shootin’ buddy, one for you, and trade off every couple weeks. If you hold a gun, grip it!


If your bestest shootin’ buddy has curves and a preference for pink, femme firearm fanatic Kim Page has something for her at Packing In Pink. Caps, Ts, hoodies and jackets; pink range muffs, shooting glasses and the only hot pink UpLULA magazine loaders I’ve ever seen! If it’s pink and for ladies who pack, she’s got it! She’ll have custom pink kydex holsters too by the time you read this!



SureFire’s P2X Fury was such a hit they’ve morphed it into three more shapes, including this P2ZX Fury CombatLight, with the syringe grip for handgun-and-light technique. Solid, simple and strong, it blasts out 500 lumens! Another new addition is their EW-12 Jekyll compact folding utility knife, offering the strength of a titanium framelock and a stout 3.1″ modified spear-point 154 CM stainless blade. Either one will cement your “Best Gift-Giver Ever” title!

cody bags

Yeah, “tactical black” is okay for you, but for your purty pistol packer, these floral, paisley, polka-dotted Pistol Clutches from Cody Range Bags might have a teensy bit more appeal, ya think? There’s even “classic bandanna” and one with dogs on it — those caught Helena’s eye. A cotton duck shell and durable nylon lining sandwich thick foam padding, and a dual-slider YKK zipper will take a luggage-type padlock for added security. Show her that you’ve noticed she’s a woman!

* “As a cure for the cold, take your toddy to bed, put one bowler hat at the foot, and drink until you see two.” – Sir Robert Bruce Lockhart
By John Connor

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