The 2015 Christmas Gift Guide

Fire Up Your Computer, Grab Your Phone
And Bust Out Your Plastic!

From stocking stuffers to Super-Santa Specials, we’ve got some prime picks for filling out your Christmas lists. What’s a Super-Santa, you ask? Check your mug in the mirror. That’s you, pal. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it, right? Commence shopping in 3, 2, 1…


It’ll never completely replace my Steiner Military 7x50R binoculars, but the new Steiner Miniscope 8x22mm monocular, with its 2″x2″ size and 2.8-ounce weight will go a heck of a lot more places with me. Compact and crystal-clear, it offers fast-focus ease from 10 feet out past Fort Mudge at only $114.99!


It’s presentation-pretty, but it’s practical-proud too. Spyderco’s Ronin 2 fixed-blade knife, with a heavily reinforced Wharncliffe 4.12″ stainless blade, full-tang construction and textured G-10 handle scales is both a precise and powerful cutter. The sheath supports both belt carry and clip-style inside-the-waistband carry.


The P2X Fury flashlight with Intellibeam by SureFire instantly analyzes what you’re trying to illuminate and automatically adjusts power output from 15 to 600 lumens! So, there’s no blinding beam when peepin’ in your trunk and no wimpy-light when searching a dark alley. You can disable the sensor and manage the power manually too. Amazing stuff!


Nice lookin’ old oak stump, ain’t it? But it’s not. It’s the best field blind a handgun hunter could ever hope for: the Stalking Shield by Nature Blinds. Precision molded from a real oak tree, it’s portable, weighing 8 pounds, with a built-in carry handle and rotatable kickstand allowing you to use it horizontally or vertically. It won’t rot, warp or weather either.


The Target Factory hanging target set from Joint Arms Factory is an entertaining, skill-sharpening change-up on the range! Both the folding 3’x3′ target frame and bottle targets are made from a lightweight low-density polyethylene that sucks up slugs and shrugs off damage. The larger bowling pin targets are terrific for big-bore blasting or shooting at longer distances. Great for shooter-against-shooter competition and priced right, this setup makes a great gift! By the way … he is smiling!


Operation Finally Home builds mortgage-free custom homes for our most severely disabled veterans. It’s one of three veterans charities I support via “Connor’s Cut.” Sword & Plough ( is a veteran-operated company which takes surplus and salvaged military gear and “repurposes” it into functional and fashionable messenger bags, totes, backpacks and accessories. On Veterans Day, November 11, 2015, they will begin offering a limited edition Operation Finally Home rucksack, available for Christmas deliveries. Every penny of net proceeds goes to OFH. It ain’t cheap, but first, it isn’t cheaply made, and second, when it comes to noble causes, well, you ain’t cheap either are you?

By John Connor

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Crafted from a single slab of tough CPM S30V steel, the Knucklehead from White River Knives features a 2.8-inch chisel-ground, hand-sharpened leather-honed cutting edge and an easy-to-grip skeleton handle. Heck, it even has a bottle opener for dealing with those rogue bottled beverages! An included custom kydex sheath can be worn around the neck, on a belt or in a boot – perfect for your favorite knucklehead! I know you’ve got one on your list…


Most ranges and virtually all competitions now require the use of “empty chamber indicators,” and that’s cool with me – except that most of `em suck. Not so with those from Chamber-View! They not only plant a solid plug in your chamber, but they protect your firearm’s innards from dust and debris too. They won’t mar finishes, are impervious to oils and solvents, won’t melt or deform in a hot barrel, and remove surely and swiftly – especially if you add their Fast-Pull Tags. Available for a broad range of guns and calibers, the one shown here is their 9mm/ .40 S&W model. Be Safety Santa!


Hip-deep in snow and 20 below? When the weather outside is frightful, indoor handgunnin’ practice can be delightful with Laser-Ammo products. They offer laser-firing modules for most handguns and calibers, which fire a laser burst with every “round out.” The included laser-reflective cards work well, but their electronic LaserPET target kicks your game upstairs, measuring accuracy, speed of draw, hits per time period, splits, and you name it. Shown is the multi-caliber SureStrike Ultimate LE Edition and a LaserPet. I have both, and the training – and fun – possibilities are endless.


Every outdoorsman – heck, anybody who drives further than the corner supermarket – needs one of these: Midland USA’s Weather Alert NOAA compact emergency radio. With multiple power options – rechargeable battery, solar panel, and dynamo hand crank – it delivers NOAA alerts, AM/FM radio tuning, a Smartphone or tablet charger, a built-in 130-lumen CREE LED flashlight, an on-demand SOS flash function and more, all in a light, handy package. Check out both the ER200 and ER300 models. This is techno-to-go almost anywhere!


If your favorite hunting, hikin’ and all-things-outdoors buddy is just as much at ease in a cocktail dress and heels as she is in mud-spattered parka and pac boots, she deserves the highest quality field clothing designed, cut and tailored for her curves and the wonderful way she moves. Prois Hunting can meet her needs for all seasons from her tootsies to her topknot in insulated, lined, tropical-weight and rainproof garments in a wide variety of styles and solid colors or camo patterns. Get her sizes right and check out their lineup!


The Utilitac 1A folder from Ontario Knife Company is kind of a Goldilocks knife: Not too big, not too small, and definitely not too expensive. It’s a prize-winning Joe Pardue design, featuring OKC’s “T.A.O” (Tactical Assisted Opening) mechanism, also designed by Pardue. Listed as a tactical folder, I think it’s actually an excellent all-around everyday-carry knife. The 3-inch do-anything drop point blade is solid AUS-8 steel, the ergonomic grip bears tough, textured G-10 scales, the pocket clip is substantial and tough, and if you care to use it, there’s a sliding positive lock to keep it from opening unbidden in your pocket. Good gear!


This is for your pal who often stops with panic on his face and frantically pats his pockets muttering “Where’s my keys/ compass/flashlight/GPS unit/ multitool/ heart pills?!?” Hammerhead already makes several excellent retractable Gear Keepers, but their new RT4 Series may be their best and handiest design yet. A custom-designed aluminum carabiner clip secures the unit to your belt (or any other) loop, and at the business end is a pinch-open releasable keyring. The design is shorter and more compact, with all the strength and length you need for gear up to nine ounces. You know who needs this, don’t you? Yes, you do…

Well, did you get some good giftin’ ideas? Glad to help. Now get out there and BE SANTA!!!
Connor OUT.

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