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Jan/Feb Handgun Hunting

Hunting conditions and game size in the U.S. varies tremendously. Outfitting yourself for the conditions you are likely to encounter on a daily basis is the smart thing to do. First are your clothes. It isn’t much fun hunting if you are on the verge of freezing to death, or else you are as dumb and broke as I was when I was a kid and just couldn’t get enough of it.

Evaluating guns, cartridges, game and how far you are likely to have to shoot is really pretty simple. Woods hunters, where a 50-yard shot is a long one, can get along with nearly any decent revolver of .41 Mag or more powerful. Yeah, yeah — I’ve heard of the .357 and probably killed more game with it than most have, and I’ll stick with the first statement. Used “surgically” under certain conditions it will do the job on deer, but is lacking in power-versatility under less than optimum conditions.

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