The Other 1911 Super .38 Supers

I’m going to take advantage of my advancing years and look at my favorite handguns. These articles will definitely not be objective but rather entirely subjective. These are the guns I have used and prefer; your choice may be entirely different. Choosing favorites is not always easy. Sometimes I can pick one favorite and other times it will be several. With that in mind we herein look at Taffin’s Top .38 Supers.

The .38 Super chamber in the 1911 arrived in 1929 and actually pre-dated not only the .357 Magnum of 1935 but also the .38-44 Heavy Duty of 1930. Crime was rampant in the Roaring ’20s and peace officers found themselves at a disadvantage when armed with revolvers firing the standard round-nosed .38 Special. Both Colt and S&W went to work to come up with a better solution. Smith & Wesson’s first answer was the .44 framed double-action revolver made to handle the first Plus P .38 Special, the .38/44 Heavy Duty. Colt, with their New Service .38, already had a heavy-framed revolver able to handle higher pressure .38 Special loads so they looked in a different direction, chambering the 1911 with a hotter .38 ACP. The result was the .38 Super with a 130-grain metal piercing bullet at approximately 1,300 fps.

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